One of the most powerful antioxidants, vitamin C should always be present in your skincare routine. Discover the best vitamin C serums for youthful skin.

Fight free radicals and protect your skin from sun damage with a vitamin C serum that helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Check out 5 top picks for the title of best vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C Serum Benefits

The right serum, with enough vitamin C to really make a difference, can increase collagen cell formation and help you get younger and smoother looking skin. Besides protecting it from harmful UV rays and other stress factors in the environment, a good vitamin C serum is especially effective for fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, where the skin is thinner and more delicate.

Vitamin C Serum Side Effects

Since vitamin C is an acid, the low pH can irritate your skin if you start using a lot of it too fast. In some cases, sensitive skin can even get mild chemical burns and the skin can be prone to peeling in the first few days when you start using a strong vitamin C serum. Starting with weaker products to give your skin time to adjust is a good idea to avoid any possible side-effects.

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Best Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Side EffectsBest Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Side Effects

Best Vitamin C Serum: Top 5 Picks

1[/picsAlign]Best Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Side EffectsBest Vitamin C Serum: Benefits and Side Effects

Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Facial Firming Serum With Glutathione Peptides Vitamin C and E and Soy. This light fluid gel helps combat signs of aging associated with midlife and protects skin against environmental aggressors while leaving it smoother, firmer, more radiant and youthful.

Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Complex Concentrate Serum. With a high content of vitamin C, the Natura Bisse is a top contender for the title of best vitamin C serum thanks to the way it stimulates the formation of collagen to uplift skin and fight wrinkles.

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