Using a lot of products in your daily beauty routine doesn’t always produce the best results. Check out the best daily steps for flawless skin that extend from daily skin care to diet and exercise.

Washing with Lukewarm Water in the Morning

Cleansing is less important in the morning, if you did it right the night before. Women with oily skin might need to cleanse their faces in the morning, but for most women a splash of lukewarm water is enough to invigorate the skin in the morning before moisturizing at least in the eye area.

Reapplying Sunscreen

Applied in the morning on your face, neck and chest, sunscreen doesn’t protect your skin the same way throughout the day. Reapplying sunscreen is very important throughout the day. Since you can’t reapply your makeup just as often, you have plenty of reasons to choose mineral makeup, more exactly a mineral powder with SPF 30 that can be easily applied repeatedly over makeup without causing any changes in its color or texture.

Eating Right

Your skin cannot absorb so much antioxidants from creams and moisturizers. Keeping flawless skin can be just as much about what you eat. Antioxidant rich foods, like blueberries and dark greens, along with drinks like green tea are at the top of the lists of foods for flawless skin. So is salmon, high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Daily Steps for Flawless Skin


You don’t need a daily workout at the gym, but keeping fit helps your skin a lot. Exercising improves circulation and it also produces endorphins, for which your skin has built-in receptors. Do light cardio to raise your heart rate daily and you’ll see the benefits on your complexion as well.

Cleansing at Night after Removing Makeup

The evening cleansing is much more important than the morning one and it doesn’t have to be a stressful process for your skin. After you’ve removed makeup, let the cleanser sit on the skin for a few seconds instead of scrubbing it vigorously. Finish your cleansing process by gently patting your skin dry with a soft towel.

Using a Retinoid Cream

The Vitamin A derivatives that are most widely available as retinol increase the production of collagen and you’ll get instant glow on your face. Retinoids are more important in your 30s daily skin care and if you have sensitive skin, you should only use the cream 30 minutes after treating your skin with a gentle moisturizer.

Best Daily Steps for Flawless Skin