Celebrities have access to some of the best beauticians, so no wonder they’ve gathered some serious beneficial pieces of information over time. The need to look amazing is high in Hollywood, so these beauty tips are carefully guarded. However, some celebs love to share information, so find out the best celebrity beauty tips so you can look radiant just like a celebrity.

The best beauty secrets are always well kept as finding something that truly works is definitely not easy, so test the following tips shared by some of the hottest and most envied celebrities in Hollywood and see which ones work for you. The fountain of youth wasn’t yet found, but these tips can definitely act as a few steps closer to looking youthful as you age.

Katherine McPhee This Hollywood sweatheart looks radiant every time and her eyes just seduce with every glimpse. Katherine says that the way to a flawless look is to apply a touch of loose powder on the top of the foundation, so when you apply eye makeup, the tiny flakes that can end up on your skin will come off easier, without ruining your makeup.

Halle Berry This Hollywood hottie knows a thing or two about beauty as she looks flawless every single time. Apparently, one trick Halle has up her sleeve is getting pink lips without looking unnatural. Halle’s tip is to put on a red lipstick, wipe it off and then apply a clear lip gloss for an angelic, natural look that makes heads turn.

AnnaLynne McCord A hard day affects us all, but if you want to look flawless even after a hard day, AnnaLynne McCord has the right tip for you. Her advice is to use a concealer which is two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it in small dots under the eyes before blending it in with the skin. This way any dark spots will be covered and your eyes will look refreshed.

Beyonce A true diva definitely knows how to look amazing and Beyonce is one diva which always looks flawless. Other than the fact that Beyonce always sports a big smile, which she says makes women more beautiful, Beyonce’s most valuable tip is to always apply moisturizer. Indeed nothing looks hotter than healthy, smooth and silky soft skin.

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow, who is almost in her 40’s looks amazing and apparently one of her beauty secrets is omega 3 oil. Omega 3 is highly beneficial for the health and the health of the skin and can be obtained by eating fish. However, omega 3 capsules can also be purchased from your local pharmacy. Gwyneth says she loves using omega 3 oil. She dabs a bit of light oil on her skin as she says this is one of her favorite feelings in the world.

America Ferrera Water is definitely something we can’t live without and America Ferrera says that ever since she started drinking more water, her skin and hair just flourished.

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