Sunburn is maybe one of the worst enemies for your skin because they don’t only cause itches and pain, but also long term consequences for your health. Prolonged exposure to UV sun rays increases your risk for premature aging and skin cancer, so try to avoid situations when you need a sunburn relief. But if the damage is already done and you need a sunburn itch relief or a sunburn pain relief, try these useful tips and enjoy your normal skin again!

Baking Soda Bath

So you’ve come home from the beach or a fun picnic, but your skin doesn’t seem as happy after the extended contact with the powerful sun rays. Your face, shoulders, arms and legs are really hot, tender to touch and you feel an unpleasant ache. A very effective homemade sunburn relief is to add a few tablespoons of baking soda in the cold bath water and then soak your whole body into the sweet chilly “potion”.

Stay in for about 10 minutes (not a second more, or your skin will get very dry), then air-dry yourself, without washing out the baking soda.

Aloe Vera Soothes Sunburn

Aloe Vera Lotion

An Aloe Vera lotion you can find in any drugstore is a great sunburn itch relief and sunburn pain relief because the juice of this plant causes blood vessels to constrict, taking away the sting and redness. One of the best sunburn relief tips is to take a real Aloe Vera leaf and break it so you can rub its juice on your painful skin. You’ll feel better instantly.

Greek Yogurt

You’ll be amazed how Greek yogurt (or any other kind of yogurt thin enough) can sooth an itchy and painful skin affected by sunburn. Just cover the aching areas with this delicious food (taken out of the refrigerator, of course), let it sit on your skin (you’ll feel a fresh, soothing effect) for about half an hour, then clean it off in the shower. Repeat this home treatment as often you need to, until the problem goes away.

Raw Potato Helps Relieve Sunburn

Potato Chunks

Believe it or not, raw potato chunks are a  great pain reliever for sunburn, being one of the most popular homemade sunburn relieves off all times. Apply washed potato chunks on you skin and rub them gently, or better yet, take two washed potatos, cut them into pieces and place them in a food processor, until you get a liquid paste. Cover your sunburned skin with this great home remedy, wait until it dries out and then take a shower. Reuse this method if necessary, but you should see results right away.

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