Flowers have been used for thousands of years in different beauty recipes. Thanks to their special properties, they’re still common cosmetic ingredients which can help your skin get that perfect glow. Discover the best flowers for your beauty regimen and find out which ones can offer the most beauty benefits for your skin.

From roses to lotus flowers, here are the most important ways in which flowers can help you stay beautiful in a natural way. Look for these ingredients in the skincare products you choose and you’ll enjoy their power.


Packed with vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants, roses can help your skin and blood vessels heal faster. Rose extract is used in cosmetics for reducing redness, but it can also keep your skin moisturized and fight the signs of aging. If you have dry skin or a ruddy complexion, skincare products with rose extract are the right choice.

Chamomile Beauty Treatments


Used for a delicious and soothing herbal tea, chamomile flowers also have benefits that directly impact your skin. It can reduce redness on your skin as well as roses, but it’s also one of the best flowers for your beauty regimen because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Chamomile extract is also a great way to reduce puffiness.


Very popular in Indian and Chinese traditional medicine, hibiscus flowers are rich in antioxidants and they also contain natural alpha-hydroxy acids. Thanks to these AHAs, the hibiscus flower can be used for exfoliation, but its benefits extend beyond that. Use this flower to revive your skin, since it can have a refreshing effect on your skin, because it promotes good circulation.


While poppy seeds have a great reputation, the petals also work wonders for the skin, making poppies one of the best flowers for your beauty regimen. The beautiful red poppy can fight inflammation, and it’s also used in skincare products that protect and soothe the skin. Its bright color also makes it a great fit for natural makeup.

Lavender Beauty Treatments


A spa treatment favorite, lavender has plenty of benefits for your skin, and it also doubles as one of the best natural fragrances in aromatherapy. These beautiful flowers have a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic effect, but lavender oil is best used for dry and normal skin. Lavender extracts helps regulate the natural oil production of your skin, and it’s also recommended for sensitive skin.

Cactus Flower

This double duty flower can both moisturize and prevent the signs of aging, making it one of the best flowers for your beauty regimen. Rich in antioxidants, cactus flowers also have anti-histaminic properties, making them ideal ingredients for hypoallergenic beauty products. The cactus flower extract protects the skin from free radicals and also helps keep the skin naturally moisturized.


Another aromatherapy favorite, jasmine flowers are truly precious because they can offer much more than they beautiful scent. These white flowers can increase the blood flow in the skin and they also have a strong hydrating power. Perfect for dry skin, but useful for any skin type, jasmine flowers can also help with clogged pores.

Orchid Beauty Benefits


Used for plenty of beauty treatments, orchids are some of the best flowers for your beauty regimen because they combine hydrating properties with anti-aging benefits thanks to antioxidants. You can use beauty products with orchid extract to keep your skin youthful and prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and the best thing about these exotic flowers is that they offer the same benefits for all skin types.


With good antibacterial properties, honeysuckle has been used in traditional medicine for dry skin, but it also had great anti-aging benefits. Rich in antioxidants, honeysuckle flowers are also renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties.


Able to hydrate and restore a natural glow, lotus flowers are some of the best flowers for your beauty regimen, because they can partially restore your skin elasticity and they also fight brown spots. Use lotus skincare products to hydrate and freshen your skin.

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