The preoccupation with beauty and health can be traced back to ancient times, so you can imagine the abundance of beauty tips which have been passed on from generation to generation. This massive amount of tips has generated beauty myths which could actually be facts or fiction. To ensure you get the right ones, some of these beauty myths have been tested and you’d be quite surprised about certain results.

Some people would do almost anything to look fabulous, so if you want to benefit from the best treatments, make sure you get all the facts straight, in order to distinguish facts from fiction. Unless the placebo effect kicks in, certain beauty myths are just plain myths, so here are some exposed beauty myths to add to your beauty book. This way you’ll not only ensure you and your skin benefit from beauty treatments which work, but you’ll be able to pass on accurate information to your friends and family.

Toothpaste can clear a zit This is a Fact! Toothpaste can clear a zit due to its ingredients which dry the skin. Applied on the zit only, toothpaste will help dry it, thus speeding up the heeling process. However, keep in mind that toothpaste can irritate your skin, causing dryness and flaking, so make sure you only use it on a small area.

Cucumber helps clear eye puffiness This is a Fact! Cucumbers help diminish the appearance of puffy eyes, as anything cold would do for the matter. Since cucumbers are cold, they will help diminish the water retention under the eyes, retention that causes that puffy appearance.

Waxing or shaving makes hair grow thicker This myth is Fiction! Waxing or shaving removes the hair but doesn’t make it grow back thicker. The thing is that after it’s been shaved or pulled out, the hair is coarser, so it appears to be thicker than long hairs.

Sharing makeup is not healthy This is Fact! It has been proven that shared makeup actually shares bacteria which can cause infections or skin problems, so try to avoid borrowing any makeup from lipstick to eyeliner if you want to be safe. Don’t use testers and only use your own, clean products if you don’t want to trade germs with anyone else!

Popping a zit is not okay This is a Fact! It’s best to leave your zits alone if you don’t want them to get infected, or worse, spread, making you wind-up with more zits than before. Pushing the zit will only spread the infection under your skin, causing the area around it to contact the infection, and resulting into more zits developing. Cleanse your skin properly and allow the zit to clear on its own.

The more you cleanse your face the better This is Fiction! Over-cleansing your skin will only cause dryness, so you end-up doing more harm than good, in the long-run. Cleansing it properly twice a day, in the morning and in the evening is just enough the keep your skin safe, without removing the entire natural barrier which protects the skin from environmental factors.

Only overweight people have cellulite This is Fiction! You don’t have to be overweight to develop cellulite, so everyone is susceptible to cellulite regardless of their weight. Cellulite is influenced by gender, genes as well as lifestyle, so the fact that you’re working out might not make you safe from developing those dreaded “cottage cheese thighs”.

Lemons can lighten skin and hair This is a Fact! Lemon juice can indeed help lighten the skin and the hair, but don’t expect the same results as in bleaching. They help lighten, not discolor, so use lemons carefully if you wish to lighten your skin/hair naturally. Don’t forget, however, that keeping lemon juice in contact with the skin or the hair for too long can cause irritation or dryness.

Credit: Thinkstock Photos