There are several means to enlist the multitude of dangers smoking presupposes. However these would have a more meaningful effect on those who are flirting with the idea of engaging into a similar activity rather than on the ones who are incurable smokers for long long years. Therefore in order to be prepared for the unexpected and be able to maintain our beauty it is highly recommended to take a closer look at the relation between the state of our complexion and smoking. Our skin is flooded with tiny pores that serve as gates to the depth of the tissues. Unfortunately these absorb all the dirt and pollution as well as in this case the smoke which can have an irreversible effect on our look. Moreover we torture our organism both internally and externally which increases the chance for damage. These are some of the well-known beauty side-effect of smoking worth knowing of:

Our lips can deteriorate both in quality and color due to smoking. Various studies demonstrated that due to the free agents that can be found in cigarettes, the skin might go through a discoloration process which in this case would result in the darkening of lips. People who consider this body part their best asset would have to suffer from it’s damaged condition.

Moreover the de-pigmentation is also joined by lip wrinkles. Prevent the unfortunate condition of your lips with various bleaching treatments if your would like to stick to smoking, or quit this habit as soon as possible.

Smoking can also prevent the natural production of Vitamin C in our body. As specialists claim the presence of this nutrient in our body ensures the proper cell reproduction and the spotless condition of the skin.

Regeneration would be annihilated by the harmful factors from tobacco that would also neutralize the effect of supplements we furnish our organism with through food or pills. Flexibility will be gradually weakened as the collagen production will pause. This is the factor that would contribute to the formation of early wrinkles around the lips as well as under the eyes.

People who are incurable smokers will also have to face the unpleasant effect of dark circles under the eyes. It’s not a novelty that these are warning signs that show us that something is wrong in our organism. The deficiency of oxygen due to the excessive consumption of nicotine will lead to similar side-effect.

Sunken eyes are further consequences of smoking that can be reinvigorated through a series of treatments, with supplements as well as the detoxification of the organism. However this can be done only while ceasing the nicotine intake.

Those who smoke might also notice the tired and dull look of their complexion. It is a fact that the skin cells have a natural reproduction and restoring ability. However it seems that while smoking the harmful gas called carbon monoxide mixes with the blood which causes the slow down of this process.

Therefore the resistance of the skin will lessen and it will become more prone to damaging effects as heat, pollution and chemicals. Premature aging is the most severe consequence of regular smoking.

Clogged pores are also one of the well-known side-effects of smoking. These tiny holes allow the carbon monoxide to enter the tissues and will create a dull effect. However this phenomenon would also prevent pores from eliminating it through the basic body moisture therefore, the toxins will accumulate in the layers of the skin. This will also leave our complexion dry and weak, moreover the organism will be also unable to provide the skin with proper natural moisture. Nicotine is one of the worst enemies of our healthy skin.