When you’re not handling stress correctly, you’re likely to suffer a few beauty setbacks. Once these start creating more stress, they’re likely to become even more unpleasant, unless you manage to break the cycle.

If you want to get rid of the the main beauty problems caused by stress, find out exactly how anxiety is affecting your beauty routine and try a few better stress management techniques in order to fight the unwanted effects it can have on the way you look.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Cortisol, a hormone that your body produces when you’re stressed, has many unpleasant side effects, from high blood pressure to changes in your metabolism that lead to weight gain. However, the worst effect it can have on your look is the fact that it breaks down collagen. In short, when you’re stressed, you’re losing your glowing skin and getting wrinkles and fine lines.


Stress and acne have a very complicated relationship and for adults acne is easily one of the biggest beauty problems caused by stress. Worrying about pimples and poking at them will only spread the bacteria that contributes to acne and make your breakouts even worse. Get your stress levels under control and don’t take it out on acne.

Stress Caused Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Stressful periods can also cause hair loss. Usually, the effects are only seen around three months after the increase in stress. Since stress hormones can cause hair follicles to stop their active phase and enter the resting one, most of the shedding will be done later and with the right stress management tools, the hair grows back.

Worsening Skin Problems

While many beauty problems caused by stress are unpleasant to deal with, skin conditions that are worsened by stress are even more difficult to keep in check. Eczema, psoriasis and rosacea are all influenced by stress levels, but even if you’re not suffering from any dermatological problem, you may find yourself a victim of stress. Hives and other rashes caused by stress aren’t pretty.

Increasing Skin Irritation

High levels of cortisol also influence histamines can cause irritation on the skin for people who are allergy-free but will also increase allergic symptoms if you do suffer from any intolerance or allergy. Contact dermatitis can be much worse when it’s linked to stress and you may even find that your skin is less resistant to certain rough fabrics without getting an itchy sensation or even hives.

Stress Caused Insomnia


While lack of sleep isn’t exactly one of the most direct beauty problems caused by stress, it will definitely impact the way you look. When cortisol starts messing with your hormone balance, you’re less likely to have a good night sleep. It can also increase you appetite and sweet late night snacks will also affect your quality of sleep and in the end, the way you look.

Puffy Eyes

When you’re fighting stress, you’re more likely to binge on junk food and on snacks you know are bad for you. Along with the lack of sleep, stress can also contribute to the wrong choice of food, and if you can’t resist salty foods, you’re more likely to experience fluid retention and wake up with puffy, tired eyes.

Estrogen Imbalance

A very stressful period can also influence your estrogen levels. Even when it’s not something as noticeable as a delayed period, the estrogen imbalance can end up to be one of the most unpleasant beauty problems caused by stress. It affects the way your skin look and, just like menopause, it can temporarily dry out your skin and make it look dull.

Dark  Circles Under Eyes

Dark Under-Eye Circles

If you let stress affect your sleep, you’ll also be facing another big problem. Dark under-eye circles can show up for a variety of reasons, even when you’re getting enough rest, but stress is a definitely a sure way to get them or make them more noticeable.

Daily Skin Care Issues

When you’re not managing your stress, your beauty routine is also likely to suffer in a very direct way. Skipping steps in your beauty regimen or going to sleep without removing your makeup can also cause severe beauty problems caused by stress. You’re also less likely to exercise when you’re stressed, so always try to keep it under control for the sake of your beauty.