If your idea of skincare stops at the jawline, your neck, chest and mostly your hands will show signs of aging much faster that you’d expect. Find out how you can protect your hands and make them look younger with the right products and cosmetic procedures.

With the help of the best anti-aging tips for hands, you’ll be able to make a deal difference and reverse damage for a more youthful looking skin. Take your skincare regimen very seriously when it comes to your hands and you’ll be able to keep them in top shape.

1. Start Early

If you don’t start caring for your hands in your 20s, you might regret it in your 30s. Staying on top of moisturizing, sun protection and avoiding contact with harsh chemicals can’t start early enough. Use a gentle soap and always make sure you dry your hands thoroughly after each wash to avoid chapping and chafing.

2. Moisturize the Right Way

One of the best anti-aging tips for hands is to pay attention to the way you lock in moisture. Even if you have oily skin, your hands usually fall into the normal to dry category, so moisturizing before bed is the most important step in your hand skincare routine. Glycerin and ceramides are among the best choices your can make for a hand moisturizer.

3. Use Sun Protection

If you want to avoid discoloration and aging spots, UV protection is a daily necessity. A hand cream with a SPF over 15 is important to protect your skin from sun damage all year round. Applying sunscreen on your hands is also very important before you expose your skin to UV lamps while you’re getting a gel manicure.

4. Wear Latex Gloves

When you’re exposing your hands to chemicals, from dishwashing liquid to other cleaning products, wearing latex gloves is one of the best anti-aging tips for hands. Harsh chemicals can strip the natural oils away from your skin, which makes them lose moisture and be more vulnerable when it comes to hot water or UV radiation.

How To Keep Hands Young

5. Invest in Antioxidants

Serums or lotions rich in antioxidants can reduce sun damage and protect your hands. They’re necessary in the long run even if you use a cream with good SPF daily. Vitamin C is a good antioxidant found in many serums, but the next generation of antioxidants includes the bioengineered Idebenone, that has an even more powerful anti-wrinkle effect. Skin protectors like the Priori Idebenone Radical Defense SPF 30 fight the free radical damage can help keep your hands youthful for longer.

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6. Try Retinoids

Retinoids are a must in skincare after 30, but you shouldn’t use them for your face alone. One of the best anti-aging tips for hands is to use an over-the-counter retinoid cream followed by hand lotion. If you’re using them to prevent the signs of aging, applying before bedtime is recommended, but you can also use them in the morning, followed by a good sunscreen and moisturizer.

7. Don’t Forget Peptides

If you’re staying in great shape and keeping your BMI lower, your hands will suffer because of the loss of fat. The effect is more striking in your 40s and onwards, when veins become more apparent. Retinoids can help stimulate collagen and fight the veiny look, but peptides are the key ingredients in skin care for hands when veins are becoming too visible.

8. Get an Even Skin Tone with Tretinoin

When you’re already dealing with discoloration or an uneven skin tone on your hands, using prescription tretinoin is one of the best anti-aging tips for hands. Derived from vitamin A, tretinoin is one of the most important retinoids and it can help with skin tone issues. Consult your dermatologist for the right product.

Aging Hands Treatments

9. Think About Fillers

While facial fillers get the most exposure, Radiesse, Sculptra or other brands of fillers can work even better for your hands. When you’re dealing with prominent veins, they might be the best way to replace the lost fat.

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10. Try Laser Treatments

When you’ve tried the best anti-aging tips for hands and you’re still not satisfied with the results, you can go for laser treatments like Fraxel. Laser skin resurfacing can help even out both the texture of your skin and the skin tone in a few sessions.