Natural Vs. Artificial Tanning?So, roughly there is no big difference between sun and indoor tanning, since both transmits UVA rays. But there are some small or big differences. Tanning bed is more intimate and comfortable, then the beach or the swimming pool (if you don’t support bugs or sand) and in tanning bed you tan is faster, more uniform and intense. But you must know that the artificial tan doesn’t synthesize that well vitamin D and the rays of the tanning bed are more concentrated – they can be even 5 times more powerful then summer sun rays! Artificial UV rays penetrate deeper in the tissues of skin and they reduce the level of collagen. That’s why the skin which is exposed too often to indoor tanning loses visibly from elasticity.

Who stays in the shade?

If you have pimples, don’t propose an intense tanning this summer. Even if everybody says that sun treats pimples, you must know that the sun contribute to their worsening. You try to avoid sun and indoor tanning as possible and if you have too many warts or beauty spots, or cases of skin cancer in your family, because in these situations the risk of getting cancer grows with 60%. Seems alike that anti-depressive pills, antibiotics and anti-diabetics can make the skin sensitive and encourage sunburn and sun stroke.

How you protect yourself?The most important thing is to expose your skin to the UV rays progressive and moderated. And before you go to the beach you most hold on to your skin-type. As the color of the skin it’s more lighter, it’s resists less to UV rays, it gets red, cells are making less protective pigment and it needs daily one efficient cream or lotion (at least in the first days). It would be the best if you would apply a special cream for the zone of the eyes, which is more sensitive than the rest of the composure (get an anti-wrinkles solution which has UV protection too). And don’t forget the lips: the lip-balm or even the lip-stick will protect them!If you choose indoor tanning, before consult one specialist, who will tell you the attendance and the duration of sitting and the products which you will use to maintain your skin as healthy as possible for your skin-type.

If you have light skin and it’s for the first time, you must not stay more then 10 minutes. You will obtain the dreamed nuance after 7-8 sittings.