Caring for your neck can be just as important as maintaining the youthful look of your face if you’re planning on aging gracefully. Check out some of the best neck skin care tips and options to keep your looks.

Dealing with Wrinkles

Sun damage can cause wrinkles on your neck skin as you age, especially if you don’t use sunscreen regularly on your entire neckline. When you’re looking for the right anti-aging cream, focus on what you need to build collagen for a smoother skin. Must have ingredients in any products for neck wrinkles are peptides and retinol. More extreme options include fractionated resurfacing, a technique that uses lasers such as Affirm and Fraxel.

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Tightening the Skin

Dealing with loose skin is another problem in the neck area and if you want to know how to prevent neck wrinkles than you must check out some simple homemade remedies. Mix a tomato with half of a peeled cucumber and half a cup of fresh cream in a blender and apply it with cotton balls on your neck. This gives the skin a good boost of antioxidants in the form of vitamins A and C. Another easy way to tighten the skin is using mashed avocado that should be left on your neck for 30 minutes.

Aging Gracefully: Neck Skin Care Tips

Hiding Skin Spots

Caused by UV exposure, skin spots can give your neck a blotchy look. The best way to deal with this problem for an aging neck is using a bleaching cream for an extended period of time. The best ingredients for these neck skin care products include kojic acid, along with licorice and mushroom extracts. Creams with AHAs can also help the bleaching process.

Protecting Your Skin

Even if you wear sunscreen daily, you should take a few more steps for protecting your skin besides using the right neck skin care products. Avoid make-up and perfume on the neck and also be careful about the weather when you wear jewelry. Even silver and gold can leave black marks when worn for extended periods of time on humid days. When you know your skin will be exposed to a lot of moisture, opt for pearls, bends and enamel jewelry.

Aging Gracefully: Neck Skin Care Tips

Reducing Banding

Vertical chords which form as the muscle begins to stretch out of shape don’t have a simple fix. Botox can help, but exercises for an aging neck don’t have the desired effects. If you’re willing to try a more permanent option, the right surgery is the platysmaplasty, which tightens the muscle and anchors it for a younger looking neck.

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