It is a common tendency that we care for our body on the whole rather than devoting extra-time to more sensitive sections as the cleavage. However it seems that this is the spot where our real age is best revealed. Dryness and the formation of wrinkles are the basic damages that can torture our cleavage. In order to keep these skin saboteurs at a decent distance is to take some preventions.

There are several external factors that can influence the condition of the skin as pollution, the use of harsh and inappropriate skin care products as well as the extreme weather conditions. Those who long for a hot and spotless cleavage should rather take an eye on this body section rather than totally neglecting it. Let’s see the basic tips for a flawless cleavage.

Using the facial cleansers should not be restricted to our face. The neck as well as the cleavage are also in great need of a detoxifying from the deteriorating agents.

Make sure you use a the best cleanser for your skin type without dehydrating or boosting the production of oil excess. It is also advisable to do it every night before going to bed in order to let the moisturizer do its job properly overnight.

The skin on the skin and cleavage area is extremely sensitive and prone to early aging and sagging. The truth behind this idea lies in the fact that this spot contains less sebaceous glands than our face or any other body part.

Consequently it won’t have the same moisture level, and can easily dehydrate. Embedding the proper conditioning rituals in our daily, beauty routine is of key importance in this case. Firmness can be vest achieved through constant moisturizing.

Cleansing the area from dead cells and toxins is another method to have a spotless cleavage. This can be done with a quick and thorough exfoliation. Whether you go for the cosmetic or homemade scrubs the point is to rejuvenate the skin with the proper products designed for sensitive complexion. Gradually you’ll notice the visible results of a firmer and wrinkle- and age spot-free skin on your decolletage.

Sun protection is also essential since due to the low level of sebaceous glands the skin can suffer more from the UV rays that our face does. Day creams that contain a high SPF level should be the must have accessories of our skin care kit.

The skin must retain the natural moisture that it has unless it will lose its elasticity and will make us look much older than we really are. It is worth preventing the disaster since later it might be too late or difficult to fix the irreversible damages.

Anti-aging ingredients can have the same effect on our cleavage as they have on our face. Feel free to apply your day cream with anti-aging ingredients to this area in order to slow down the sagging and maximize the resistance of the skin towards effects that would decrease its elasticity. This way you’ll be able to banish age spots and the appearance of early wrinkles.

It is demonstrated that the way you sleep can also influence the condition of your decolletage.

Wrinkling often occurs due to our inappropriate posture while sleeping. Sleeping on the back is the ideal method to keep our cleavage wrinkle-free. Skin care gurus claim that this is the most damaging factor after the sun that can be named as a culprit in deteriorating the skin it this spot. Sleeping on the side will only literally print the wrinkles in the skin that will often leave definite sings behind. Revolutionize your night habits for a spotless cleavage.