The skin care industry develops extremely quickly by inventing new products and compositions. The best way to keep the pace with it, is to know the basic terminology it uses. Colorful commercials and reviews won’t be longer enough to convince us to buy all kinds of beauty potions.

By knowing about the meaning of the different terms we’ll be able to choose the lotions and creams that are eco-friendly and offer guaranteed effect for our complexion. Skim through these essential names and ideas to learn more about the secret code skin care professionals use when promoting a certain product line.


FICTION: Some might think that this term means simply that this product won’t cause any allergies. The ingredients should be organic or at least skin-friendly and there’s a guarantee for this if it’s on the label. More the company swears by the beneficial effect of the ingredients on our body.

TRUTH: Skin care pros on the other hand claim that this name is almost meaningless, even if it’s on the label of the products. The company just can’t promise that a product won’t cause any complications and generate unpleasant reactions.

However there are some producers who keep their promise and test these products on allergic-prone people. These might offer an increased protection to eliminate the allergenic ingredients.


FICTION: The product is tested by a skin care professional who claimed that the product is 100% skin friendly. More it was tested on persons who would have shown allergic reaction if it was harmful

TRUTH:The truth behind this conception is partially known. Different companies use different tests. Certainly no product can be launched on the market without a thorough or less professional analysis.

It depends on the producers whether they feel the need for a complete protection or they are satisfied with a general review of the lotion. These are usually tested on all kinds of skin type from oily to extremely dry.

The great skin care brands might not spoil their reputation with assuming any risks. However there are smaller companies who won’t engage into costly and long-term testing. The best way to avoid any accidents is to purchase products that are guaranteed by the tradition of the brand and the claim that is inside the package.


FICTION:It is a less known term that is usually used on skin care product labels. The term means that it won’t clog your pores. Normally anyone would think that such a lotion or cream won’t cause blackheads or whiteheads. In fact the name comes from the medical term comedones which refers to whiteheads.

TRUTH: Believe it or not in the majority of cases testing the ingredients whether these have a clogging effect or not, is done on the ears of a rabbit.

It might sound surprising and revolting at the same time, since how could a different skin structure guarantee the effects of a product on human skin.

Indeed in reality there’s need for more testing and skills to identify the harmful effect of a certain composition.

Human testers are often hired to experiment with the new products, if they notice signs of acne and skin problems these are not launched on the market. However there are unfortunate cases when the result of these examinations are kept unrevealed.


FICTION: Consumer often opt for these products since they either would like to avoid combining all kinds of scents or think that those lotions that don’t have a fragrance are more eco-friendly than scented ones.

TRUTH: Indeed it must not be taken for granted that fragrance-free skin care will have less unpleasant consequences than using scented products.The truth is that this term doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t smell any perfume when applying a certain cream with this minor detail on the label. Instead the ingredients might keep their natural scent which is totally organic, which is certain is that the producers didn’t added any artificial perfume to the product.

Besides taking a peek at the package only it is worth skimming through the ingredients in order to prevent any disasters. The best way to protect a healthy complexion is to go for organic skin care products that guarantee a green effect.