There are certain things that every woman should know when it comes to skin care. However, as lately there are so many different theories, it is hard to see which one is true and which is just a simple myth. Take a look to 8 of the most debatable skin care myths.

Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing cream

If you have an oily skin, you should know that this one can dehydrate too. It is said that people having oily skin should avoid using moisturizers or lotions as they would only make the face look even more oily. But, as oil means sebum, moisturize means water. The best thing you can do is to provide enough water and oil to the surface of the skin in order to make it look fresh. Therefore, you should invest in products that are water-based, and not oil-based, which are easily absorbed into the skin.

Sunscreens are only for the beach

Our skin needs a special cream when exposing to UV rays, and that means all year around, not only on summer holidays. Even on cold days when the sun is shining you should use a sunscreen. There are specialists saying that sunscreen should also be applied on a cloudy day as radiation from the sun can reach the earth’s surface in these conditions. On a rainy day it is not mandatory to apply this type of cream. However, don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream that plays an important role in protecting the skin against noxious and aggressive external factors, such as pollution.

Toner is essential for the skin

A toner is refreshing, but it shouldn’t be used on long-term. Toners can be divided into various categories. First, there are toners that are used to refresh the skin and light lotions that might contain citric acid or lemon juice helping in balancing the pH of the skin. Then, there are toners or clarifying lotions, which might contain a small quantity of alcohol, and astringents that can be rather abrasive. In case you are accustomed with the usage of toners, choose a more gentle one.

It is not wrong to use soap and water

A normal soap will just dry your skin, as soap is not a solvent. Therefore, if you are using a foundation that contains oil, you’ll need a cleansing lotion in order to clean the skin perfectly. Moreover, if you tend to scrub your face when using soap, you might get rashes. The soap you use might have the similar pH as that of detergents and this is the reason of excessive dryness and the sensation of tight skin after washing your face with soap.

You should drink at least three glasses of water daily

The thing about water is not how much you drink, but how much water your body retains in order to affect your skin. The secret stands in drinking what you like. If you practice a certain sport or you work in a warm environment, it is obligatory to drink lots of liquids. You can also try to retain water following a diet based on soy, eggs, spinach and salmon.

There is no difference between moisturizing creams and eye creams

This is not true at all. Eye creams are totally different from the nourishing ones. The skin around the eyes is the first to give signs of aging due to the fact that it is more delicate and it has to face a permanent activity. Enough mentioning that we blink about 10.000 times daily. This is one good reason for you to use a cream specially created for this area. Sometimes, using a normal moisturizing cream for the area around the eyes can cause irritations.

Don’t change the products you are used to

It is said that once you have found the skin care products that help you have a flawless, beautiful skin, you don’t have to change them. The fact is that after 2-3 years, due to the aging process and all the changes in one’s life, but also due to stress, and different hormonal changes, the necessity of our skin might change too. Therefore, using the same products is nor advisable, and you should choose new one appropriate for your needs.

Expensive products are the best

The price of a skin care product is not at all the reflection of its efficacy. It does exist in the cosmetic products industry the idea that expensive products contain miraculous ingredients that can do wonders for you, but this is not 100% true.