Build up a well-defined skin care regime for your oily complexion. Include cleansing and conditioning treatments which allow you to remove dead skin cells and the sebum excess from the surface of your skin. Keep your pores in top shape with the 6 natural remedies below. Skip the use of cosmetics and chemical-based products to rule out the chance of a severe allergic reaction.

1. Sage Toner Recipe

Herbal treatments will provide your skin cells with vitamins. Use sage to control the sebum production and preserve the spotless condition of your complexion. Put a tiny amount of sage in a medium-sized cup and pour hot water over it. Let the herb steep for 25-30 minutes. The next step is to strain the liquid and let it cool. After the time has passed, dip a cotton ball into the sage tea and cleanse your face with it. Repeat this ritual at least once a day for a week to see the magical impact of sage on your skin condition.

2. Mango Facial

Keep acne at a fair distance by keeping your pores clean and free from grime and sebum. Indonesian women also used this natural mango facial to have silky soft skin.

Mash a medium-sized mango and massage the pulp into your skin using circular motions. Then leave 4-5 minutes for the facial to dry then wash it off with water. Enjoy the radiant look of your complexion.

3. Aloe Vera Gel and Tangerine Essential Oil Toner

Use citrus essential oils and other organic ingredients to cleanse your pores and have a super-healthy complexion. Grab a bowl and put 3 tbs of Aloe Vera gel into it then add 4 drops of tangerine essential oil.

Remove any trace of makeup and other cosmetics then apply the facial uniformly. Leave the treatment on for 15 minutes, then finally rinse it off with lukewarm water. These organic ingredients will do magic with your oily skin.

4. Crab Apple Facial

This is a relatively new remedy to treat skin problems, however, numerous studies demonstrated the miraculous effect of crab apples on acne and on oily skin condition. Therefore, create a fine crab apple paste with the help of a blender. Strain the paste to eliminate seeds and enjoy the soft texture of the fruit paste. Apply the treatment on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. The last step is to wash off the facial and dry your skin with a soft towel. Crab apples are rich in alpha hydroxy acids which can tone and cleanse the pores.

5. Wheat Germ Oil Facial

Wheat germ oil is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Use it in your skin care regime especially if you have trouble controlling the sebum production of your sebaceous glands. Pour a tiny amount of this oil on your fingers and massage it into your skin. Leave the facial on for 40 minutes to make sure your pores absorb all the necessary nutrients. Finally wash off the treatment with tepid water. Repeat this pampering ritual each time your skin needs a cleansing and conditioning session.

6. Lemongrass Steaming

Steaming can also help keep your complexion in a flawless condition. Unclog your pores by preparing a herbal steam treatment. Add 4 tbs of lemongrass to 2 quarts of hot water. Once it’s safe to place your head under the towel, start the steaming session. Stay under the towel for 15 minutes then rinse off any trace of the herbal treatment with cold water. This will also close your pores to prevent the penetration of any harmful free agents.

Natural Remedies for Oily Skin

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