We think it's very important to take good care of our skin, however, sometimes it happens not to respect our daily routine. That's why we've gathered five common skin care mistakes to avoid from now on. Are you ready to find out which are some of the bad skin care habits?

5 Mistakes in Skin Care to Avoid

Common Mistake in Skin Care: Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean you have to stop applying sunscreen. You should buy a cream that's specially designed for your skin type with a SPF of at least 15. Apply it even on cloudy days and you'll prevent sunburns or other skin conditions.

Skin Care Mistake: Forgetting to Remove Makeup before Bed

This is another common mistake when it comes to your skin care routine. You tend to say 'I'm too tired now, I'll do it in the morning'. You should know that, if you want to keep your complexion healthy and young, it's not recommended to skip this step. You'll remove all impurities, excess oil and makeup and your face will look rejuvenated and glowing. Plus, this skin care routine will help you prevent acne.

Removing Makeup

Common Skin Care Mistake: Excessive Exfoliation

We know that exfoliation is good for your skin but it's not recommended to overdo it. That's also a very common skin care mistake women tend to do. Specialists suggest exfoliating once a week because otherwise you'll make your skin dry faster or you might have to treat possible scars or wrinkles.

Mistakes in Skin Care: Eating Unhealthy Foods

It's very important to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy and young. Instead, if you eat unhealthy foods, you'll not only have skin issues, you'll also gain weight. We'd recommend avoiding such mistakes in skin care by going for a healthy diet that involves eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, incredible energy sources for your body.

Unhealthy Food Is Bad For Skin

Skin Care Mistake to Avoid: Using Bad Products

Dermatologists recommend using those beauty products that are specially designed for your skin type. This is another skin care mistake to avoid: using inappropriate products. So, if your skin is oily, then you should buy oil free products that will help you remove excess oil and will treat acne. But if your skin is dry, then the best would be to use extra nourishing products.

Moreover, if you're dealing with a severe skin condition, we suggest seeing a specialist that will provide you with the best advice and suggest what type of skin care products to use.

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