The tiny and ugly spots on your nose and chin are the results of the excessive sebum production. Those who struggle with acne and blackheads should start flirting with the idea of changing their skin cleansing routine. By including a few life-saving rituals you’ll have the chance to maintain the flawless condition of your complexion.

Remove dirt and sebum from the depth of the pores using easy-to-handle green treatments. The following simple natural remedies for blackheads aim to furnish you with a few emergency ideas that offer the best protection for your skin cells. Start experimenting with these useful recipes that rely on the miraculous healing power of natural resources. Fruits, vegetables and herbs are here to save you from the ugliest skin problems.

Apple Facial

Apples are extremely rich in anti-oxidants, therefore it is highly recommended to include them in your skin conditioning routine. In order to win the battle against blackheads all you have to do is prepare a soothing facial. Grab a medium sized apple and cut it into smaller pieces. The next step is to place the apple in a medium bowl and mix it with ½ cup of boiled milk. Use a blender to obtain a fine paste of these green ingredients. Apply the mask on the affected sections and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse off the facial with tepid water to make sure you closed the pores sensitive to all skin enemies.

Castor Oil

Use this natural oil to wipe off the impurities from the depth and surface of your skin. Castor oil can be used as a secret ingredient to get rid of blackheads. In order to cleanse your pores all you have do is apply a few drops of the oil on your fingers. Now start massaging the affected spots with this solution.

Use circular motions to make the massage even more efficient. Keep on with this ritual for 5-6 minutes. Afterwards pour hot water in a medium bowl, use a towel to cover your head and steam your complexion for 4-5 minutes. Finally, use a washcloth to remove the liquid and oil excess together with the dirt from your face.


Ever wondered how can the most common herbs be used as the perfect ingredients to create soothing facials? Easily, as skin specialists have already discovered the miraculous effect of these natural resources and included them into the top elements to prepare revitalizing masks. This time get rid of blackheads with the help of a dill facial. Mix 1 tsp of powdered dill with ½ cup of boiling water. Leave the mixture covered for at least 15-20 minutes. Finally, use a cotton swab to rub the damaged skin portions with this gentle and healing lotion. Finish up your skin cleansing project by washing off the dill facial with lukewarm water.


Use horseradish to unclog your pores and remove the dirt and sebum from the deeper layers of the skin. Prepare a fabulous facial by mixing 30 g of fresh horseradish root with 500 ml of water. Let the lotion boil for 60 minutes. Strain the mixture and use a cotton ball or swab to apply it on your skin. Leave the horseradish mask on for 20-30 minutes and finally you can rinse it off with tepid water. The positive results will be visible only after a few sessions. Include this useful ritual in your weekly skin care routine to have a naturally glowing and spotless complexion.

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