Pamper your strands and complexion with the healing power of organic ingredients. Take a tour at the local market or in your kitchen to pile up a myriad of nutritive veggies, fruits and seeds rich in vitamins and minerals.

Restore the shiny and happy state of your skin cells with these simple natural beauty remedies. Learn more about the danger of loading your organism with chemicals and free radicals. Opt for the safest and most budget-friendly treatments for glossy locks and a radiant skin condition.

Banana for Glossy Locks

There’s no need to spend a fortune on hair conditioning formulas if you decide to use natural treatments. Bananas are super-rich in potassium and boost the elasticity of the locks. Grab a medium bowl and use a simple fork to mash a banana. Apply the paste to your tresses covering all the delicate spots. Leave the treatment on for 15-20 minutes. Finally rinse it off with tepid water and wash your locks with shampoo.

Olive Oil for Soft Skin

Quit using harsh soaps and chemical formulas to cleanse your complexion. Olive oil does magic with your skin. Start rubbing a small amount of this vegetable oil into your pores.

Massage the skin for a few minutes using circular motions. The next step is to soak a washcloth into warm water and position it on your face.

Leave the washcloth on until it starts to cool down. Then wipe off the dirt and oil excess from the surface of your skin until you have removed all the signs of the treatment. Your skin will radiate health.

Garlic for Strong Nails

Acrylic nails look hot, however if you wish to boost the strength of your natural nails, you can use this simple organic remedy.

Chopped garlic added to various nail polish formulas is a secret used by women from all over the world in order to provide nails with a natural shield. Leave the garlic in the bottle for 7-9 days and then apply a thin line of the varnish on your nails. You’ll notice the difference right away! Don’t be afraid of the smell, it will disappear.

Cornstarch for Oily Skin

Face powder is a must have makeup product for those who struggle with an oily complexion. However, you can also replace the chemical formula with a natural substitute. Cornstarch is the magical remedy to get rid of greasy spots. Use a brush or simply your hands to apply a tiny layer of cornstarch on your face or body. This organic ingredient works as a translucent powder. Its greatest advantage is that it can immediately absorb the oil excess from the surface of your complexion.

Baking Soda for Natural Microdermabrasion

Have you heard about the most expensive and revitalizing microdermabrasion treatments? This time it’s not necessary to empty your pockets for a refreshing beauty session. You can use baking soda from your own kitchen to obtain the same fabulous results. Apply some baking soda on your hands and start massaging your wet face with it. Do this for 3-5 minutes and don’t be afraid of the uncomfortable feeling it can give you, it’s the normal reaction of the skin to this treatment. Finally wash off the treatment with tepid water.

Simple Natural Beauty Remedies

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