Whether it comes of makeup or the vital skin care routine it is a must to analyze our complexion before we engage into any rituals. Indeed the damage is created most easily by neglecting some crucial facts. Different complexions require different treatment. If you are a freshmen in the beauty mastery you might find these tips hugely useful. Read more on how to choose the perfect moisturizer for your skin type.

Dry Skin

This skin type can be sensitive to dehydration and other extreme weather conditions. Indeed lacking the proper moisture it can deteriorate more easily than oily or combination skin. Our duty is to provide it with the necessary nutrients to boost its resistance to sun, wind, pollution and other enemies.

Dermatologists highly advise the use of an oil-based moisturizer. This will be able to restore and balance the ideal moisture production and can hydrate the dried out pores.

As soon as you managed to revive the health of the complexion it is recommended to reduce the moisturizing process.

The dryer the skin the thicker the moisturizer should be. It is a well-known fact that these creams will fill the essential supplies to maintain the skin in shape and healthy for a longer period.

Oily Skin

The oily complexion can be really problematic sometimes, especially when not treated the proper way. That’s why observing the main qualities of this skin type is essential for the best skin care.

If we’ll be able to find the right products as toners, cleansers and moisturizers the proper sebum production can be normalized perfectly. Since moisturizers offer the necessary hydration, it is worth thinking about using an oil-free type for greasy skin. This will not boost the excess of moisture, on the contrary it will offer the pores only the strictly necessary amount of it. Water-based products are the most beneficial for this skin type.

Look for labels to see whether you picked the right composition. Moreover it is ideal to choose light moisturizing creams that will not torture your skin, offering a natural shine and healthy to your complexion.

Combination Skin

This complexion type combines all the features of the earlier mentioned categories. Its critical aspect lies in the fact that it can be dry and greasy at the same time. Consequently it needs a more thorough and careful treatment. As a remedy for this problem cosmeticians created moisturizers specially designed for combination skin.

This will react equally efficient both when the pores tend to be oily or on the contrary dehydrated. If you won’t be able to find a similar product it is worth having at hand 2 types of moisturizers one created for dry and one for oily skin. This is the only solution to solve the problem and have a beautiful complexion.

Normal Skin

There are no strict rules for this complexion type since the majority of moisturizers on the market are designed for this skin type. The only condition to follow the proper skin care routine is to choose a high quality product that contains all the important nutrients to sooth and refresh the skin.