Oatmeal is known to have numerous benefices for the skin, reason for which there are many natural oatmeal facials that women use in order to revitalize the way their skin looks. These types of facials can be given at the spa or at home, as there are special recipes that you can simply try and do yourself.

If you are not yet convinced that you should apply such a mask on your face skin, take into consideration the fact that oatmeal can help you avoid various skin ailments and also add a special glow to your face. Moreover, oatmeal is also known to be able to even out your skin and make it look plain and clear by enhancing its texture. In addition, if you are suffering from sunburns, oatmeal facials are one of the simple home remedies for sunburn which can cure those also.

If you cannot or do not want to go to a spa, but you still want to try these interesting facials, then you can go for the homemade facials with oatmeal. There are numerous recipes you can try, but one of them that can be applied to oily skin types can be prepared by only using six tbs. of oatmeal and some water. The mixture can be made in a bowl. However, you should be careful not to add too much water to it. The final consistence should look like a smooth and heavy paste that you can apply on your skin as soon as it is ready. In case you want to make it more nourishing, you can replace water with milk. You should keep the mask on your face even after it dries out, in order for it to work efficiently. Then, you must rinse it off by using cold water and tap your face with a towel for it to dry.

Oatmeal Facials: Natural Facial Recipes

If you have dry skin, you can also use an oatmeal facial to make it better. In order to prepare it, you need a smashed banana and an oatmeal cup. After you mix the two you must add some lukewarm milk until you obtain a smooth paste. You can keep the obtained mask on your face for 15 minutes or even more, after which you can scrub it off your face by using your wet hands. After rinsing it all off with some cold water, you should pat your face dry and moisturize it.

Although all facials are usually designed only for oily or dry skin types, there are also some oatmeal facial recipes that can be used by those suffering from acne. This kind of mask can be made by using one tbs. of oatmeal powder, one egg white, five almond oil drops and the juice squeezed from half a lemon. The combination of these ingredients should result in a smooth paste that you can apply on your face and leave there for at least 20 minutes. The mask should be washed down with cold water. However, in case you use this mask, make sure to moisturize your face skin afterwards in order to keep acne at bay.

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Oatmeal Facials: Natural Facial Recipes