A purifying or peeling facial can make wonders to your complexion, but you must find out how to use and if it’s proper for your skin-type!

PurifyingThe terror of oily complexion, black dots and pimples must stop! Facials which contain clay (or kaolin) are indispensable for you. Miss Cleopatra was using clay from the Nile and her complexion looked always faultless.Twice a month, apply a clay-facial on the well cleaned face. The time of action of the clay-facial is about 10-15 minutes and after rinsing the facial is deeply cleaned. Plus the skin is helped to normalize its functions.How? The clay contains mineral salts and revitalizing, soothing and nourishing substances, which have the capacity to penetrate the skin, even to the level of blood vessels. And clay-facials aren’t causing allergies, in the contrary! They help you to fight against allergies!

Types of clay:

1. White – it’s perfect for oily and mixed complexion, because of its astringent, soothing and impurity removing effects.2. Pink – the best for the purification and soothes the sensitive and dry complexion.3. Red – it’s proper for the treatment of stressed skin, or to refresh the dry one, with capillary fragility.4. Green – it balances the sebum-secretion of mixed complexions, exfoliate and purify the oily skin, but it has revitalizing effect for the dry complexion.Thermal clays or proceeded from thermal water springs, or from the Dead See – they have a detoxifying, revitalizing effects; they repair the cells of the skin deeply and increase the self-defending capacity of the epidermis.

*TRICK:If the skin is very irritated, dilute 2 spoons of clay-dust (from naturalist shops) in 200 ml of lavender and chamomile infusion. Make a mask with 4-5 layers of gauze, then soak it in the prepared solution and apply it for 15 minutes.

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