Lips can darken over time, due to improper care or bad habits, including excessive use of lip color. Find out how to lighten your lip color in simple and natural ways, while also protecting your lips from damage.

Using lip balm with sunscreen is the simplest way to lighten lips, by protecting them from the UV rays which can increase the amount of pigment in lips and the risk of skin cancer.

Avoiding products than darken your lips is the second step you can take to lighten lips, along with natural ways to improve their color.

Lighten Lips with Proper Lip Care

Moisturizing and regular exfoliation with a soft toothbrush can lighten lips while protecting them at the same time. An important part of lip care is avoiding products than can darken your lips over time. Smoking and drinking coffee and tea daily can stain your teeth, but these habits also influence your lip color.

Using dark lip color for an extended period of time can also slowly darken your lips and you should take an extended break to lighten lips. Once you’re taking the right steps to protect and care for your lips, you can try some easy homemade remedies for rosy lips.

How to Lighten Lips: Natural Tips to Lighten Your Lip Color

How to Lighten Lips: Natural Solutions

Almonds are a great way to lighten lips, through the application of almond milk or almond oil for at least an hour daily, for a few weeks.

Homemade recipes to lighten lips include beetroot, coriander or pomegranate juice, along with a gentler solution: cucumber juice, that helps lighten lips more naturally.

Honey is a great way to lighten lips, especially when applied on the lips before bedtime or mixed with aloe vera gel or strawberry lips.

Applying vaseline or petroleum jelly to your lips before going to bed is also beneficial when you’re looking for long term solutions on how to lighten lips.

Avoid biting and licking your lips and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to see faster effects when using these solutions for lightening lips.

How to Lighten Your Lip Color Fast

Applying lemon juice on your lips regularly can have a quicker effect, but when you’re looking for a more permanent and fast solution, ask your dermatologist about an intensive lightening cream.

Make sure you use any lightening products according to the instructions and be aware that in order to lighten your lip color in the long run, you’ll still need to avoid the products that can darken your lips.

How to Lighten Lips: Natural Tips to Lighten Your Lip Color