Gommage treatment is a great way to get rid of dull skin, and exfoliate. Find out how to make your own natural homemade exfoliating gommage with honey and salt.

The gommage is a great way to exfoliate your skin and it is usually used in facial and body treatments.

The gommage is a paste/cream that is applied to the skin in thin layers, left to dry and then removed by rubbing it off.


By massaging the gommage sloughing off dead skin cells will reveal younger, smoother skin beneath the surface.

Gommage is primarily used by professionals but you can find gommage cream for home use.

Don't use the gommage if you have pimples, broken capillaries, sensitive or thin skin. It should not be used with other exfoliants.

For an easy homemade natural gommage you can use 2 spoons of liquid honey mixed with one spoon of unrefined salt or seas salt.

Gently massage your face with the resulting paste but do not rub around the sensitive eyes. Your face will feel rejuvenated and soft to the touch.