Freckles are often considered pretty and cute, however some might not feel happy having them. The sun exposure can have a dramatic effect on the skin with an uneven melanin level. Those who think that the hot season is the worst period of the year since the number of freckles doubles, might find these guidelines on how to fade freckles with homemade facials and treatments.

There are several homemade remedies to reduce the visible effect of freckles. However, the best method is to take preventions when exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions.

That’s why always use sunscreen with the highest SPF when you plan to spend more time outdoors.

In general, homemade facials made of fruits and vegetables have a great paling effect when it comes of freckles. The best known ingredients to fade freckles are strawberries, apricots and red currant. These can be used not only to reduce their color but also beforehand to prevent their appearance.

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Onions are also used in skin care with great success. The trick is to slice a red onion into tiny pieces, then rub the freckles with these. Indeed it requires a little time until you’ll see the radical result. If this ritual is repeated at least twice a week the overall effect will be much more pleasing.

Lemon juice is considered a natural bleach. It can be used efficiently to fade freckles. However don’t forget keep away of bathing your skin in too much lemon juice. It can easily dry out your skin and cause further damage. Use your fingertips to gently rub the spots with lemon. Repeat the procedure until you see the difference. On the other hand if you have a dry complexion you might think of using a moisturizer after the session.

Sour cream also does miracles for camouflaging freckles and age spots. Create a soothing mask then apply it to your skin. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes, finally don’t wash it off, rather use a fine tissue to remove it. Be careful this mask can have different effects on different skin types.

Parsley is another vegetable that is widely used by those who would like to fade their freckles. More exactly parsley juice mixed with some lemon or orange juice can efficiently hide darker spots. Create the facial mask than apply it to the critical area, leave it on for 10-20 minutes. Finally wash it off and enjoy the benefits of smooth skin.