Get the most out of clay facials by choosing the right types of clay for your skin type and needs. Check out the different clay facial benefits that derive from the special properties of each type of clay.

Kaolin Clay / White Clay / China Clay

With fine particles and a lightweight consistency, white cosmetic clay is the mildest type of clay, suitable for sensitive skin. Since it doesn’t draw oils from the skin, clay facials based on kaolinite are also great for dry skin. It’s used for gentle exfoliation, cleansing and it also stimulates circulation while drawing impurities from the skin.

French Green Clay / Illite Clay / Sea Clay

Green clay from quarries in France has excellent properties that stimulate blood and lymph circulation. It’s a gentle type of clay, that can be used for weekly treatments. One of its many clay facial benefits is exfoliation, but this type of clay also removes oils and toxins from the skin helping to repair damaged skin.

Clay Facials: Types and Benefits

Bentonite Clay / Montmorillonite

Consisting of over 70 to 100 trace minerals that come from volcanic ash sediments, Bentonite is probably the most popular option for clay facials and it’s also edible. Its great skin repair qualities make it ideal for mud packs and other skincare treatments, including clay facials that help any skin type.

Rhassoul Clay

Originating from the mountains of Morocco, Rhassoul clay has been used for thousands of years for its mineral rich content. It can be the choice out of different clay facials if you want a good detox mask and its effects include unclogging pores, removing dead cells and surface oils, while also having a great effect against skin dryness.

Clay Facials: Types and Benefits

Fuller’s Earth Clay

Clay facial benefits of treatments with Fuller’s Earth include fantastic oil absorption, making this type of clay a must for acne prone and oily skin. Clay facial benefits when using Fuller’s Earth include getting rid of blemishes and it’s also renowned as a skin-lightening clay giving you a glowing look.

Yellow and Rose Kaolin Clay

Colored types of mild Kaolin clay include the rose variety, tinted with iron oxides, perfect for normal to dry skin, and the yellow one, recommended for sensitive skin, but a good option for any skin type since it doesn’t draw oils excessively.

Clay facial benefits are excellent for both these types of clay: they can both be used for gentle exfoliation, cleansing and stimulating blood circulation in the skin.

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