Homemade beauty treatments will eliminate dead skin cells and dirt from the depth of pores. This is the solution to rejuvenate your complexion and banish the tired and worn-out look of your face. The 6 natural spring skin facial recipes below should be definitely embedded into your beauty regime. Let your skin cells absorb the vitamins and antioxidants from these organic ingredients.

1. Walnut and Yogurt Facial

Provide your skin cells with loads of vitamins using the following facial recipe. Mix ½ cup of yogurt with 2 tsp of ground walnut. Apply the beauty mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Finally wash it off with tepid water. Dry your face with a gentle towel and enjoy the smooth and silky texture of your complexion.

2. Squash and Apple Facial

Combine various vitamin-rich ingredients to reinvigorate your plain complexion. Use a blender to mix 2 medium sized apples chopped into tiny pieces with 1 medium sized squash cut into 1-inch cubes and 3 tbs of honey.

After you’ve obtained a fine paste apply the treatment on your cleansed complexion. Leave the face pack on for 15-20 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water.

3. Rice and Parsley Facial

The secret of a revitalized and radiant complexion is out! Incorporate this beauty facial into your skin care regime to make sure your skin cells benefit from the vitamin-content of these organic ingredients.

First boil 2 cups of white rice then use a blender to mix it with a handful of parsley, 5 tbsp of cream and a few celery leaves. Make sure you get a solid paste you can apply on your face. Leave the facial on for 15 minutes then wipe it off with a damp washcloth.

4. Strawberry and Cream Facial

Use this simple spring facial if you’re tired of your worn-out complexion. In a bowl mash 5-6 strawberries and add a tiny amount of cream to prepare a fine paste. Spread the mixture uniformly all over your face and leave the treatment on for 15 minutes. Rinse off the mask with tepid water and notice the smooth texture of your skin.

5. Red Grapes and Cucumber Facial

These ingredients are packed with vitamins, therefore, it is a must to use them in your green skin care routine. Use a blender to mix 2 small cups of red grapes and a medium sized cucumber. Apply the fine paste on your complexion and make sure you leave out the sensitive areas around the eyes. After 20 minutes wash off the treatment with lukewarm water.

6. Apple and Wheatgerm Facial

Update your skin care regime with this simple organic facial. The first step towards preparing this vitamin-rich treatment is to grate a medium-sized apple in a bowl. Then add 2 tbs of wheatgerm to the apple and apply it on your cleansed face. Leave at least 15 minutes for the antioxidants to exercise their healing and revitalizing effect. Finally rinse off the facial with tepid water.

Natural Spring Facials

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