This year has been the year of nail art designs as an array of gorgeous nail art styles have been created by nail artists and nail art enthusiasts altogether, thus helping push the boundaries when it comes to nail polish and making the possibilities endless. There are so many sizzling nail art ideas for summer to mention, that it’s virtually impossible, but to make sure you’re not falling behind on your trend update, we’ve put together a fabulous collection of sizzling nail art designs to draw inspiration from.

The variety on nail polish hues, tools and accessories open the gate to limitless, innovative nail art designs which might require low or high skills, so find the designs that you feel comfortable wearing and creating and gradually you’ll be able to create new, eye catching nail art styles effortlessly.

The summer season requires fun and flirty nail art designs to complete your summery outfit and the easiest way to keep your nails looking salon-fresh without spending hours polishing your nails to perfection is to go ‘polka dotty’ or land a cool stripe motif that will make your digits a magnet for attention. Creating polka dots is super easy especially if you have the right tools, so dip the end of a nail art dotting tool or a toothpick in nail lacquer (contrasting color applied over dry base) and dot away. Glitter dots can also be used as they look fabulous, but the glitter needs to be applied meticulously over wet nail polish as mistakes will be difficult to correct. When it comes to cool stripes, you can either use the precision of a brush paired with steady strokes, or, if you’re a bit clumsy, you can turn towards the help of scotch tape and create perfect smooth lines without an effort.

Because the summer season is all about brights, neons and pretty pastels when it comes to fashion, your nails have to adjust to the trends, so use the prettiest intense pigments to create flirty, fun symmetric or asymmetric nail art designs that will make you feel like a true diva. Color blocking, individually colored digits, floral designs, half-moon manicures, add-ons are only a few details that you can turn towards to spice-up your mani.

Glitter nails are hot and easy to use, so go for glitter nail polish or glitter dust and make your nails sparkle at any event. A bit of glitzy-glamour never hurt anyone, so go soft and subtle with a sheer shimmer or bold and sexy with an intense glitter. If you’re a true romantic, pretty pink, yellow, blue or rhinestone-made bows are a great option to take into consideration when doing your nails. Create the pretty bows using acrylic paint (only if you’re talented) or use stickers or stamps to create heavy bows or mixed graphic patterns that will make your nails capture all the attention.

Photos courtesy of erikonail-official