The new season is all about brinbing into our attention an array of amazing nail art designs that can make you the nail art queen of every event. However achieving such on-trend, sophisticated manicure styles requires a certain amount of skill, practice as well as time and unfortunately this is a combination of characteristics that is attributed to everyone. For that reason, Ciate nail care brand has tried its best to bring a nail art kit that is unique, extravagant, delicate as well as easy to use and the result obtained was named Caviar Manicure.

Ciate’s Caviar Manicure is the first 3D nail kit of its kind which has the power to instantly transform the nails from simple to fabulous. The nail kit was created when Ciaté’s Creative Director, Charlotte, wanted to feature a 3D manicure on the cover of a magazine’s shoot, and after extended research, this was the result she’s come up with: a sophisticated, stylish, delicate and flirty-feminine manicure that is bound to grab attention.

The effect obtained is highly visible as the nails appear to be sprinkled with tiny spherical beads that feature a sophisticated coloration. The name for the kit was derived by the effect obtained, a caviar-like effect that will dare you to resist it, so make sure you grab-on to this easy to use nail art kit as soon as it hits the shelves. The sets which will include a Ciate Polish, the spherical beads featuring the color of the kit you’ve selected, a funnel and a tray.

The beads will be applied over two coats of wet Ciate nail polish and pressed gently to adhere to the nail color for a long lasting, uniform result and left to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, the result will be extravagant yet sexy and feminine, so choose to envelop your nails in dark or light colored caviar-looking nail polish/beads and let your nails steal the spotlight from day to evening without putting too much effort into pampering your nails to perfection.

Photos courtesy of Ciate