A perfectly polished manicure is more than just a style statement. Your nail art can reveal your beauty-awareness along with your creativity. Those who wish to take their nail painting skills to the next level will have the chance to do it by experimenting with the following happy spring nail art ideas. In order to find your way among the multitude of manicure trends, it is highly recommended to arm up your decorative kit with the hottest shades that complement your skin tone. After you’ve skimmed through all the pop nail polish collections, start selecting the hues you wish to work with in the future. From pastels to neon, you have infinite alternatives to start your makeover. Save time and money by learning how to do your own manicure.

Colorful nail designs radiate cheerfulness and versatility. Expand the color palette you’re working with and include more eye-popping shades along with grown up pastels to rock out the popular nail art ideas. Complement your spring look with a high street manicure that screams for admiration. Your signature style is bright and bold? Feel free to try your hand at manicure designs that attract immediate attention. Animal prints are some of the most wanted patterns to play with. Decorate your nails with these stylish elements and use as many shades as possible to turn your nails into your trademark. Inject some interest into your appearance by fusing the multitude of rainbow colors, some extra-prints and additional details as stickers and jewelry into a glamorous manicure.

Bring back the glamor of floral prints, polka dots and stylish stripes to create the most daring and at the same time super-stylish manicure styles. Sport a fail-safe nail art that echoes your refined beauty sense. Practice your painting talent by proceeding from the simple and minimalist patterns to the more complex compositions. Make sure the canvas you’re painting on is in top shape. Use the newest formulas to provide your nails with the best protective layer against chemicals and other harmful factors. Cover all the statement nail trends from the dazzling French manicure to half moon nail art.