Women are addicted to nail polishes as their beauty and style boosting properties are immense and since image is definitely a priority for most honeys, mixing and matching various nail lacquers in order to reveal a flirty nail art that suits the new trends, is a must.

There are numerous flirty nail art ideas  to experiment with meaning you’ll never have to commit to a singe style to get your digits looking hot and trendy, and to prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to nail art, we’ve put together a fab and flirty nail art ideas collection so check out the styles and draw inspiration for your next manicure session.

The rapid evolution of the nail art world has placed a heavy accent on certain nail art designs, one of which involves a heavy dose of painting skill.

Hand painted nail art designs are super popular and can definitely give your mani that uniqueness and heavy visual impact that everyone’s seeking to achieve with their nail lacquers, and the results can be astonishing if the right products and tools are put to good use with talent.

 The most popular hand painted motifs are flowers, but other details such as movember mustache styles, fruits, cute bumblebees and others are highly demanded, so choose to add a different hand painted motif on each or every other nail every time you desire.

Fabulous looking nails with a high glam effect can be easily achieved if you’ve mastered the right technique for each detail. Marbled effects, pretty polka dots and glitzy-glam add-ons are definitely worth considering when polishing your nails to perfection. Each design requires different techniques, for example a marbled effect can be created easily using a sponge and nail polish, while pretty polka dots can be achieved using a dotting tool or a toothpick instead. Glitter flakes applied over wet nail polish can also help achieve a pretty polka dotted effect, so choose the technique that works for you. When it comes to add-ons, everything gets as simple as it can get, just apply the rhinestones or 3D nail accessories on your nail over wet nail polish or use a dab of clear top coat.

If you’re not too skilled when it comes to doing your own nails, stylish lines that run parallel to each other or intricate line patterns can be the perfect solution for you. Use contrasting colors in the creation process and choose a water mani technique or use tape to create perfectly straight lines. Enhance the transition line between the hues using a bit of glitter and voila! A chic and easy to do mani that is bound to steal attention. Recreate the motifs perfectly or add your own touch to the designs, either way your digits will ooze perfection!

Photos courtesy of Nail-Atelierten