If you’re trying to follow the latest trends of fashion, you should also pay attention to nail art as nail art designs have become a definite must have meant to complete the look of any stylish outfit. The myriad of nail polish hues and accessories out there have helped the development of so many nail art designs, it’s crazy! Experiment and find the perfect matches for you. Still, if you’re not too skilled in creating sophisticated designs, you can turn your attention towards flirty and easy nail art designs which won’t steal too much of your time and still look amazing without having to be very talented in doing your manicure.

Easy Nail Art Designs Easy Nail Art Designs Easy Nail Art Designs Easy Nail Art Designs

Colors make the world more fun, so make the best out of your nails by experimenting with bright and feminine nail polish hues over which you can add your personalized touches, whether through the help of a dotting tool or the help of a nail art brush and some acrylic paint. Let your imagination run wild and create a personalized colorful nail polish design. One stylish nail art design is made by applying layers of contrasting nail polish hues and allowing creating a very visible transition from one color to the other. You can do this with the help of scotch tape which you use to create the perfect lines. Dots created with a contrasting hue look lovely, so grab a dotting tool and start creating stylish dots small or big, depending on personal preference. If you’re really in a hurry, but need a flirty fun manicure, use a different nail polish on each nail and they’ll definitely look cool.

Flirty Easy Nail Art Designs Flirty Easy Nail Art Designs Flirty Easy Nail Art Designs Flirty Easy Nail Art Designs

Simple is fabulous, and can be the easiest way to get amazing looking nails, but for that you need the right nail polish hue. Turquoise, pink, orange-red, red, black, purple, yellow, in matte glittery or shimmery, are only a few hues which you have to try this year. Go for highly pigmented nail polishes and give your nails a uniform flawless coating. Drizzle some glitter dust over the nail polish to give it a little bit of a kick or apply a shatter nail polish coat over your fav nail polish and prepare to be amazed by the shatter effect that is super popular and easy to obtain.

Obtaining a more sophisticated pattern on the nails doesn’t have to be difficult as now there are various tools which can work to your advantage. Nail stickers and Konad nail stamps can help you obtain an amazing nail polish design without virtually any effort. Apply the stickers over the dry nail polish and use a top coat to seal the sticker in. If you’re using Konad stamps, simply apply a dot of nail polish on the desired design from the design plates, remove the excess, press the stamp on the plate and then against your nail and the design will flawlessly transfer to your nail. Experiment with different hues and designs and make your nails radiate style and sophistication!

Nail Art Designs Nail Art Designs

Photos via Let Them Have Polish