Facial hair – what to do…what to do?? Unwanted facial hair can be a very difficult and troubled for us, making us feel pretty embarrassed about it.

Simple methods, like shaving, tweezing just doesn’t work all the time. So what to do and how to remove facial hair?

Waxing (with cold or hot wax) is a pretty good solution. Besides the pain of this method, the bad part is that hair keeps growing back, so you’ll have to do this regularly – you have to get this done every four weeks or so. As an alternative to waxing, there are on the market other similar products, named depilatories like cream, lotion, spray and gel.

Vaniqua is another option, a prescription skin cream that is meant to be applied only around your mouth and chin. Electrolysis is a treatment for getting rid of hair permanently. Destroys hair using a tiny metal probe that is put into each hair follicle.

Facial Hair Waxing

Electric shock does all the work! Sometimes painful, expensive and an extensive treatment, this procedure is very popular, as it’s a permanent guarantee your hairs won’t grow back. Laser treatment is another alternative for getting rid of facial hair.

First of all, this means surgery and you can expect only the reduction of its density. Laser treatments are expensive they involve multiple sessions (you need to be sure that it’s done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon).

So make sure your money and your budget are very well planned. Another thing about laser procedures is that they’re truly effective on girls with light skin and dark hair.

Laser Treatment

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