Finally blondes can have a shot at getting rid of those unesthetic facial hairs that bother them as scientists have finally created an ultrasound hair removal device that can make one get rid of blonde facial hair. So far hair removal treatments such as laser and IPL offered great results for people with dark colored hair, but for light colored hair the results were less effective. Now the new generation of hair removal treatments target blonde/grey hairs as well, so you can obtain that baby smooth complexion that you’ve always dreamed of.

Facial hair for a woman has always been a problem and women have tried to tackle this problem using various hair removal techniques, but nothing seemed to be effective against light colored hairs. The way laser and IPL works is by emitting energy that is absorbed by the darker pigments of the hair, energy that is then converted into heat which destroys the hair follicle resulting in permanent damage. However, because the hair doesn’t grow at the same time, multiple treatment sessions are needed, sessions which are only effective for dark colored hairs.

With the ultrasound hair removal technique, women with blonde, grey or red hair can now obtain baby smooth skin. High definition cameras reveal even the softest fuzz that cover the skin, so no wonder that the need for permanent hair removal treatments is high. Pro photographers can photoshop any unesthetic details from their photographies while on HD cameras any hairs and skin imperfections become highly visible, thus makeup and facial hair removal become a must.

The revolutionary permanent hair removal treatment was developed in Israel and works by sending ultrasound waves via a tweezers-like end, waves that travel down the hair shaft to the root only to be transformed into heat that destroys the hair instantly, regardless of its coloration. The damage to the hair follicle is permanent, so the hair will not regrow. In addition to this, the skin doesn’t suffer from burns, thus it is almost pain free and sunscreen is not needed post treatment. However, there is a downside to the device: it can only tackle one hair strand at a time, so it is not suitable for large area treatments. With the constant improvements brought into this field, men and women will soon be able to enjoy a smooth, hair free skin at relatively low costs!

Photos courtesy of Thinkstock Photos