If you want to look your best at the beach or by the pool, you should probably get a professional salon waxing for your bikini area. When you’re still wondering which one is best for you, find out more about each one and decide on your preferred type of waxing.

The most important thing to take into account when choosing the right style is your bathing suit. The Bikini wax is the minimal choice for most swimwear, but if you plan on wearing a thong, you’ll have to decide between the Brazilian and the Hollywood wax.

Types of Bikini Wax

The most basic type, the regular bikini wax is focused on removing any hair outside the panty line. It’s the best choice if you’ve never done any waxing in the area before and considerably less painful than the others.

Types Of Bikini Wax

A Full Bikini Wax goes in even further, shaping the remaining pubic hair into a triangle. It can also include trimming of the remaining hair. Another common style is the French Bikini Wax. It leaves a small strip in front and everything at the back.

The Brazilian Bikini Wax takes out all the hair, front and back, but it can also feature a very slim option strip in front. Some people also use to refer to a full hair removal from the front and back.

When you’re asking for the Hollywood, there will be no questions left: this type of waxing removes all the hair from the genital area, front and back.

Difference Between Bikini and Brazilian Wax

The most important thing when you’re debating the Bikini wax vs. Brazilian issue is your experience with hair removal in the area. Beginners are always advised to start out with the Bikini wax, since it’s less painful.

Once your tolerance builds up and you get comfortable with both having your pubic hair removed and with it growing back, you can move further and get a Brazilian wax with a small landing strip.

Bikini Waxing

Difference Between Hollywood and Brazilian Wax

Getting used to the Hollywood Wax can be difficult, so it’s generally recommended when you’ve had as least one Brazilian Wax before. When you want all the hair in your bikini area gone, front, back and in-between, the Hollywood bikini line wax is what you should ask for.

While the Brazilian bikini line still leaves a little hair, getting the Hollywood wax means you’ll be completely hairless and it’s not always a pleasant sensation. It may take some time until you fully get used to the sensation and look, that’s why neither the Brazilian nor the Hollywood are recommended to beginners.

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