This unfortunate condition is indeed generated by the growth of the hair in the side of the hair follicle and not out as it would be indicated. In this case our skin might be tortured with red bumps that can lead to more severe and irreversible damages in the structure of our skin. Therefore treating ingrown hair is not only a beauty thing but also a necessity for the sake of the spotless condition of the skin.

There are different method and tips to get rid of ingrown hair. One would be to remove them with the help of the various body care treatments the other is indeed to free them and let them grow normally. Both of these rituals have benefits and also drawbacks. Therefore consider all the pros and cons before plunging into the ingrown hair treatment. Follow the instructions below to remove ingrown hair with precision and care.

Step 1

Start with a warm bath that would soften the skin which allows the proper removal of the ingrown hair. Lukewarm water has the power to open the pores and contribute to the success of this ritual. Hair follicles will open and the ingrown hair will be more easily and efficiently eliminated than ever.

If you wish to make only a quick hair removal session make sure you dip a cloth into warm water and keep it on the affected area for at least 10-15 minutes. This you can also practice before your regular shaving or waxing hair removal.

Step 2

Exfoliation plays a crucial role in the elimination of ingrown hair. Use either a skin-friendly body scrub or a loofah to do this. This is indeed one of the best means to get rid of the dead skin cells that can also be named as main culprits for the appearance of ingrown hair.

As the skin is already affected it is highly recommended to proceed gently rather than rubbing the area harshly that would only do more harm than good to your skin.It is important to take into account all the damaging factors that might further worsen the condition of your skin.

Step 3

Use high quality tweezers to remove the ingrown hair, however first it is a must to sanitize the tool by dipping it into alcohol for a few minutes. In order to have the desired effect use a cloth or tissue to dry the tweezers. With great care and precision pull the skin around the hair until you’ll be able to grab it with your tweezers. Repeat the ritual if you don’t have success from the first attempt. If you managed to grab it pull it out and make sure you proceed the same way in the case of all ingrown hair in the various spots of the body.

Step 4

In order to quicken and ensure the proper recovery of the skin make sure you use an anti-septic to finish up the treatment. This product will not only keep the area smooth and spotless but can also rule out the chance for later infection as well as pain. In order to keep the flawless condition of your skin make sure you use a high quality razor and do the hair removal in the direction of hair growth. This treatment will prove to be the best idea to get rid of ingrown hair from the various sections of your body.