The eyebrows might seem like a small detail when it comes to beauty, but in reality eyebrows play a major role in physical appearance. They pose as the only way to modify your appearance without turning towards the help of makeup or cosmetic surgery, so no wonder people turn towards professional beauticians to get the perfect frame for their eyes. To ensure you don’t end up with butchered eyebrows, turn towards the help of the following professional tips for perfect eyebrows and make the best out of yours.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a template that fits everyone as far as shape goes, so you must determine what type of eyebrow suits your face shape with a few easy steps. Take a pencil which you’ll hold against your nose to find the exact point where the eyebrows should start, arch and then end. Think as if your eyebrow is made out of 4 equal parts; the first three have to be ascending while the last part has to be descending. Here are some professional tips that will help you get those ultimate Hollywood diva type of brows that make the best of what nature has offered you:

Eyebrow threading A great, yet old school method to get rid of extra hairs from your eyebrow is eyebrow threading. This method involves the use of a string which is twisted a few times and then moved across the skin to pluck the eyebrow. The method offers precision, but only in the hands of a skilled person. One wrong move and you’ll end-up with botched eyebrows until they grow back into place, so make sure you start nice and easy.

Pencil definition A colored eyebrow pencil can definitely help you create the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Trace out the desired shape and then pluck the extra hairs using tweezers or by threading. You can also use the eyebrow pencil colored in a natural, similar hue as your eyebrows to fill in any gaps in your eyebrow. Use a soft, even a lighter eyebrow pencil if possible, as a darker hue will only cause the eyebrows to receive an unnatural look.

Wax for unruly eyebrows Nothing can ruin your look more than unruly eyebrows and keeping those rebellious hairs in place is definitely not easy. However, thanks to the cosmetic industry, a variety of products have been developed to help keep eyebrows tidy and in place. Go for eyebrow wax kits or eyebrow gel to set your eyebrows in place and make them look flawless. If, however, you are out of these products, you can spray some hairspray on an eyebrow brush and comb the eyebrows into place.

Trim your eyebrows Trimmed eyebrows look hot, so make sure you trim the ends of your brows to create that flawless, uniform look that makes all the difference. To ensure you don’t trim too much and end-up with bald patches, use a narrow tooth comb to get the hairs to stick out and trim the ends that stick out of the comb. Another method consists of brushing the eyebrows upwards and trimming the ends that are visible over the outer eyebrow line.

Use a highlighter Use a highlighter on your brow bone after plucking/waxing out all the excess hairs, so you get that part illuminated. This way your eyebrows will be emphasized and your look will also receive a fresh allure that will definitely not go by unnoticed.

Tips for Perfect Looking Eyebrows

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