Rubbing the skin with a slightly harsh surface is a well-known method to remove hair. In the past and probably nowadays even more, people struggle to find a way to spare themselves from bruises and pain. This technique adopts a natural approach to hair removal. However the industry came up with a brand new idea. Why not offer the customers a pad covered with smooth crystals that can practically wipe of the hair from the critical spots?

Moreover these pads offer other services too, besides its main function it can also exfoliate your skin. You can kill two birds with one stone and have a smooth and neat skin as well as get rid of the undesired hair.

This revolutionary products gained more and more territory among the well-known hair removal methods. Additionally the producers guarantee the minimizing of hair growth. With this killer combo offer it is worth testing its efficiency at least once.

The application process is pretty simple, all you have to do is rub your skin gently with it. The circular motions will create the desired effect. You\’ll notice that the inventors of these pads managed to rule out the pain factor from hair removal.

Indeed cosmeticians claim that this fact won\’t reduce the efficiency of the technique. Furthermore there will be no bruises or bumps. It is a hygienic and skin-friendly version of the old traditional rubbing trick.

The hair removal kit is made up of several pads, however it is said that one should be enough for at least two sessions. However the texture of the hair influences both the pace of hair re-growth and the condition of the pad after the first session. The only suggestion producers make is to apply the pads for short rather than long and coarse hair.

Those who have an ultra-sensitive skin might be extremely careful to not exaggerate with the rubbing. The gentle moves are highly recommended to avoid redness and irritation.

The price of the product is also very appealing since you can have a whole kit only for about $9.98. Large pads and smaller pads are all included in it, the large ones can be useful when it comes of legs and smaller ones for more critical spots as underarms and bikini zone.

Perfect both for women and men, who would like to have a smooth and hairless skin. The re-usable and washable formula provides you with a thorough hair removal session, grabbing the hair right at the roots.