The hair removal process is a pretty painful part of our beauty routine. The trick is on acquiring the know-how of the latest methods and tricks.

Here the most popular hair removal myths – find out the truth and lies!

Hair grows thicker after shaving This is probably the most popular hair removal myth, indeed it might seem logical but it’s not! Professionals claim that shaving has no effect on the part of the hair shaft below the skin surface, which is where growth and pigmentation occur.

Although the hair may seem to grow faster after shaving, this is just an illusion. A small amount of growth on a clean-shaven face is much more noticeable than a small amount of growth on a bearded face.

Shaving causes ingrown hairs I’m sure you experienced this unfortunate fact, however if you’re a rookie you better find out how to make shaving efficient and practical.

– The secret lies in the technique if you’re handy enough you might prevent it. Always exfoliate before hair removal, this way you’ll eliminate dead cells.

– Never pull your skin too much and push the razor to close to the roots you’ll only sabotage the effect.

Laser hair removal is unhealthy Lasers are often associated with damages done to our health. Indeed their use is restricted due to their power. Laser hair removal on the other hand is a way different issue. It penetrates only 1-4 mm deep into our skin, which means that it is too weak to do any harm to our organism.

The redness what’s left after the procedure might misled us, however it’s only a tiny result of the hair removal routine. Our skin is also in safe since the appliance doesn’t scratch its surface it only slides through the leaves of hair.

Laser hair removal increases hair growth No, how could it increase hair growth when it penetrates into the roots. These gradually become softer and provide a long-lasting effect.

After a few sessions, the result must be visible. Hair should decrease in amount and with the latest techniques it is painless and more spectacular.

Waxing makes your skin rough All hair removal techniques make your skin rough if you don’t follow the proper skin care ritual. It might appear right after this process, however it is the long-term result of lack of exfoliation and skin detox.

Massaging your follicles before and after waxing is a must. It is useful to make a homemade spa treatment before waxing, tepid water would enlarge your pores, this way enhancing the hair removal process. Pamper your follicles before you expose them to waxing.