Who doesn’t want sexy, smooth legs, if possible, without pain, right?! Although getting hair-free legs without pain might be pretty hard because the only methods through which you can get rid of the undesired hair without pain, are: by razor blade, with depilatory cream or through IPL.

However, the drawbacks of the first two are numerous: you can get irritated, in measure the skin gets thick and the hair grows very fast because instead of uprooting the hair, you break it at the surface, stimulating the growth. IPL hair removal dos get you the desired results without any pain, but the cost of the procedure might discourage most women.

Although most women turn towards pain-free hair removal, there are quite a few that opt for more effective ways to remove body hair, but with some discomfort.

Using the depilatory machine, wax or depilatory strips ensures you smooth skin for longer time. The definitive hair removal it’s a disputed subject. Some dermatologists don’t recommend it, because in time toxins can accumulate under the skin, which are not eliminated by the growth of the hair. Little painful and unaesthetic knots can be formed and you can’t get rid of them only by surgery.

Tips: Secrets of the perfect hair removal:

– don’t dip the skin before.– after the hair removal apply a soothing cream.– don’t expose your freshly hair removal skin under sun-beam, and avoid bathing in the pool (the water contains a lot of chlorine) or in the see (salty water can also irritate).– if you burn yourself with wax, apply immediately special spray for burnt skin and soothe it with ice, to prevent the appearance of blisters.

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