Eyebrows can make a huge difference in your look, but there’s not recipe for perfect eyebrows for your features. Discover the most important DOs and DON’Ts of eyebrow care, so you’ll be able to choose the right shape and maintain it for as long as you like.

DO: Choose the Best Shape For Your Face and Stick to It

You should forget about trends when it comes to the perfect eyebrow shape and put more emphasis on your features when you’re shaping your eyebrows. If you have small eyes, go thicker on top. Close set eyes should have eyebrows that are more spaced out and extended. Deep-set eyes are flattered by higher eyebrows, while wide-set eyes work best with eyebrows that are closer to the nose and not very long. As a general rule of thumb for perfect eyebrow, simply follow the eyebrow bone.

DON’T: Thin Out Your Eyebrows at the Ends

You might think eyebrows that are thinner at the ends look cool, but they also add years. Brushing and extending the ends gives a more youthful look, since the ends of your eyebrows naturally get thinner with age.

DO: Lose the Pain

Quality tweezers with edges that are sharply slanted are the best for accurate plucking and they also help decrease any pain you’re experiencing. Reduce discomfort and get the perfect eyebrows by pulling the hairs in the direction of growth. If you’re still experiencing a lot of pain when you pluck them yourself, try a teething gel, created for toddlers, but perfect for gently numbing the area.

DON’T: Pull Out More Than One Hair at Once

Possibly the most important piece of advice when it comes to getting the perfect eyebrows is pulling a single hair at once when you tweeze. Double or even triple tweezing reduce accuracy and increase the risk of errors.

DO: Choose the Right Time and Place to Pluck

The best time to shape and care for your eyebrows is right after the shower, in natural light. Use a mirror that allows you to see both your eyebrows and only start plucking if you’re relaxed and comfortable. Morning are a good time for eyebrow care, if you’re alert and not in any hurry. Avoid plucking late at night, especially after a glass of wine.

How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

DON’T: Over-trim

You’ll never get the perfect eyebrow shape you want if you over-trim. Keeping your eyebrow hairs at their natural length allows you the option of a “comb-over”. Use them to fill in any spaces. If you’re sure you’d like to trim, always brush them vertically and cut one hair at a time.

DO: Top Tweeze

Since you’ve grown up with them, you always know what’s best for your eyebrows, so don’t let any cosmetician convince you that you shouldn’t top tweeze at home or at all. In the quest of how to get perfect eyebrows, you can top tweeze to achieve the perfect shape, but never start with that. Once the bottom of the eyebrows is done, you can work on the top, but keep checking the shape at every step to avoid over-tweezing.

DON’T: Make Tweezing a Daily Habit

Fussing with your eyebrows every day is a big temptations, but it’s always best to tweeze them all at once. That way, all the extra hairs will grow together, and you’ll have less regular maintenance. Don’t be afraid to let your eyebrows grow, especially if they’re very thin. You might love your new look and thicker eyebrows can make you look younger and give you more options.

DO: Use Coloring to Fill Out and Match Your Eyebrows

If you dye your hair, matching your eyebrows is a must. Getting the perfect eyebrows don’t mean using permanent dye, you can use temporary coloring products to fill out your brows and get them when they need to be to match your hair.

Brunettes should go for one shade lighter than their hair color, while blondes should go one shade darker. Remember that the color is usually darker at application. Redheads can go for a warm brown, while ash brown is the best if you’re graying and proud of it. A touch of tinted brow gel is all you need for the perfect color.

DON’T: Use a Magnifying Mirror

Forget about magnifying mirrors and just stick to regular mirrors in a well lit space. If you generally see your fine hair up close, you’re more likely to over-tweeze and that rarely leads to the perfect eyebrows.

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