Due to the development of cosmetics professional were able to find solutions for problems that in the past seemed impossible to correct as over-tweezing the eyebrows. Those who experienced a similar ‘trauma’ know that it is a real ordeal until it is restored to the initial state and would require more energy and time than any other beauty ritual. However thanks to progress we are now able to treat a similar unpleasant situation with makeup and other useful treatments. Parallel with the natural hair growth remedies we can also learn how to camouflage the traces of a beauty disaster. In order to preserve your self-esteem make sure you purchase the right makeup tools and products that would offer a helping hand while surviving this hard period. These are some of the time-tested ideas used as over plucked eyebrows remedies.

Brow Pencil: Makeup can provide us with the ultimate solutions to fix some of the worst beauty accidents. Therefore it is also advisable to find a similar treatment also when dealing with over plucked brows. The brow pencil will prove to be your best aid to combat the embarrassment.

Purchase a shade that is at most one shade darker or lighter than the natural tones of the eyebrows. Finding the golden middle way is the secret to create a natural effect. Follow the direction of hair growth and proceed with small and gentle strokes.

Add some definition and density to your eyebrows by filling in the blank sections with a similar beauty tool. Repeat the procedure every time you need it, make sure you eliminate the traces of the pencil when you remove your makeup before heading to bed.

Brow Powder: This is one of the revolutionary solutions that would help you to fake a perfectly proportionate and spotless eyebrow shape. This product was specially designed to add some volume and definition to the brows.

Apply a thin layer of the powder to the affected area, it is crucial that its tone complements your natural features. Cover the area where you filled in the empty spots in order to offer your complexion a uniform look. Restrict the application to the eyebrows and make sure you won’t extend it over the limits of the shape. Use brow powders with great care, be precise and use only a moderate amount of it for the desired effect.

Hairspray: It might seem surprising that hairspray can help you correct the damages of an inappropriate tweezing. However due to its strong effect it will efficiently set the brows on the desired position to maintain the natural impression. Use a worn-out toothbrush and spay a little hairspray on it, apply it to the eyebrow slowly and in a decent proportion. Always use a brush or your fingers to enhance the application. This tiny trick will keep the eyebrows in the ideal shape and would also prevent the eyebrow pencil and powder from smudging and melting down.

Keep tweezers away while growing out your eyebrows, this is a further remedy that can save the flawless condition of your look. Though it might take some time it is still advisable to cut back on tweezing for a longer period of time since your brows might become more prone to damage.