Those who go the green way might consider that the body care routine makes no exception. That’s why look at these natural hair removal methods.


Often the natural beauty treatments require the use of ingredients right from our kitchen. This hair removal method is the real example for this.

Mix a cup of sugar and the juice of a half lemon, a quarter of cup honey, and there you go! You made the most organic and eco-friendly sugar paste ready to eliminate undesired hair with.

Similarly to waxing, apply the warm (not hot) sugar to your legs or the critical spots. Then use the specific cloth, then remove the hair with a sudden move.

This method has endless benefits, besides the fact that unlike wax it won’t irritate or hurt your skin. The pain will be also less harsh, still the method will remove all the unwanted hair. It can be easily done at home with a DIY kit, without assuming any risk. The effect will last almost as long as with waxing.

Pumice Stone

Abrasive hair removal methods were used in ancient times. However some might find them less painful and more effective then the ones invented later on. Pumice stone is the only one that is still used among the fans of eco-friendly beauty. The only condition to make the wonder happen is to keep our legs wet and then start the friction.

It must be mentioned that this method serves rather as an option to remove small portions of hair, rather than an all in all hair removal process.

Those who are rookies in this business might find it useful especially if their hair is still thin and gentle.

Rub the pumice stone in a circular way, gently without pushing it too hard. Avoid causing damage to your skin and let your legs soapy and neat.

You might experience a tiny redness, but don’t panic, it’s a normal reaction of the skin to abrasives. Soon it will disappear.


This method applies the same rules as sugaring does. Indeed, often considered one of the most common and efficient hair removal techniques, waxing can be called 100% natural.

Using a beeswax or paraffin substance the hair is plucked right from the root. Pumice stone might serve for fine hair only, however waxing can handle the thickest ones also.

Natural waxes made of plants, water and other herbs not only help you get rid of hair, but also moisturize and pamper your skin without leaving red bumps behind. Refresh your body with a painless waxing session for the fabulous result and learn how to reduce waxing pain.