IPL hair removal uses Intense Pulsed Light and it is considered to be the latest permanent hair removal technique. This technique uses light at specific wavelengths to cause thermal damage to the hair. With IPL the trauma caused to the skin is minimal.

IPL was firstly developed for other purposes like rejuvenating skin but it was later observed that it causes hair loss, so it does no harm to your skin but helps rejuvenate it.

Hair needs to be shaved because unlike other treatments, it needs to be short to be removed. IPL treatments are usually taken 6 weeks apart and you can see very good results in the first 6 months, which is considered to be a very short amount of time compared to other treatments.

For each area you want your hair removed you will need about 6 to 10 sessions of treatment, depending on the skin and hair type and the growth state of the hair.

The procedure is a bit expensive but worth every penny. Plus you can try searching for salon promo sessions which cost significantly less. So if you decide to do it you will be pleased with the results. Your skin will be as soft and silky, of course hair free.