Once Brazilian waxing became popular, more and more women were surprised to find the skin in their intimate areas darker than they expected. Adult film stars also had a big role in increasing interest for anal bleaching and vaginal lightening.

From spas that offer an initial treatment, then sell you bleaching products to use at home, to laser procedures performed by MDs, skin lightening seems to be taking off. Find out more about the intimate bleaching pros and cons before you decide to go through with it.

Intimate Bleaching Pros

When you’re unhappy with the darker tone of your skin on your vulva, perineum and anus, you might be interested in products and treatments that can solve the problem. Once you’ve opted for a Brazilian wax at a good spa, you could also try a bleaching product, or you can opt for a laser treatment that has more permanent results.

You’ll Get an Even Skin Tone

One of the biggest intimate bleaching pros is the fact that you’ll be able to even out your skin tone in your intimate areas. It may take weeks in some cases for the bleaching product to work the way you expect it to, but it usually delivers.

Your Self Confidence Enjoys a Boost

While no skin bleaching procedure is completely risk free, it’s up to you to decide if the potential side-effects outweigh the benefits. If vaginal lightening and anal bleaching will make you feel better about your body, then you’ll also benefit from a boost to your self-confidence once you’ve achieved the desired results.

You Can Have It Done at the Spa

Once you’re done with the Brazilian wax, you can get the treatment right away if your spa of choice is offering it. One of the intimate bleaching pros is the fact that you’ll be able to purchase bleaching creams, gels or lotions, after getting the first application from a professional.

You Can Try It at Home

If the thought of a stranger applying a bleaching product on your vulva or anus doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of products you can purchase online without having to go to a spa and specifically asking for it.

Laser Procedures Are Permanent

Cosmetic surgery clinics also offer genital lightening treatments. Using a laser-based treatment for vulva lightening or anal bleaching can have a much faster effect that’s also permanent. One of the big intimate bleaching pros is that lasers can fix the issue in as little as a single session.

Intimate Bleaching Cons

Before you walk into a spa or a cosmetic surgeon’s office asking for genital lightening, it’s important to know that the potential side-effects might make you change your mind about the procedure.

Creams and Gels Have a Temporary Effect

Applying bleaching products to your skin will not have permanent effects, whether you do it yourself or get the procedure done at a clinic, and that’s one of the biggest intimate bleaching cons. Depending on the darker pigmentation, you might also have to wait weeks for any visible change.

You’re Risking an Infection

Getting the treatment at a spa can be risky, even if everything seems clean. Since the bleaching products will burn the pigmentation of your skin, and these are sensitive areas, you could be risking a bacterial infection or even contracting herpes.

You Can Suffer Burning and Scarring

Irritation and burning are the most common side-effects of genital lightening products. One of the biggest intimate bleaching cons is that most of them contain hydroquinone, a skin bleaching agent currently still approved by the FDA that’s been linked to cancer and banned in the E.U.

Scarring is also possible, whether you opt for gels or laser treatments, and anal bleaching can also cause problems like tears in the anal canal, and strictures which tighten its opening.

Depigmentation Could Be Extreme

Even if you’re not afraid of hydroquinone as a carcinogen, in some cases it can also cause ochronosis, a permanent and extreme discoloration of your skin.

You Risk Darkening the Area Further

One of the most unpleasant intimate bleaching cons is the fact that in some cases the bleaching agents can cause a skin reaction that unfortunately results in darkening the area.