Taking care of your intimates is very important. Pubic hair is considered by most people unaesthetic and can also be the cause of odor. Pubic hair traps sweat and favor germ development so sweat and genital fluids can cause hairs to amplify odors.

Shaving may be impractical for some, may find it uncomfortable or painful and can be a bumpy road for the beginner. Anyone who decides to shave needs to acknowledge that it won’t be a risk free adventure.

Many of who shave say it took time for their bodies to get use to shaving and for them to figure out a shaving technique that worked best for them.

But shaving your pubic hair is fairly easy once you get the hand of it. It is very important to have a good razor, one that has 2 or 3 blades, to make sure you don’t get cuts.

Apply some shaving cream, gel or even a cheap hair conditioner on the area – you want some lubrication between your delicate skin and that razor sharp blade – take the razor and shave the hair in the direction of hair growth doing this carefully and slowly, then shave in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Do not shave closely at first and do not press into the skin. Stretch the skin with one hand while you shave with the other. Don’t insist too much to prevent irritations and ingrown hairs – razor bumps.

When finished shaving, apply soothing lotion and apply some baby powder, sparingly if you desire to keep the area dry. After you shave it is necessary to use a scrub every once in a while to prevent ingrown hairs.

Wear loose fitting underwear because if your underwear is a bit tight it will rub against your skin and cause irritation and probably razor bumps.

Removing hair from the private parts is a matter of personal preference, but reason why so many adopted the practice is personal hygiene.