Upper lip hair can generate endless embarrassing situations. However, as one of the most common unwanted hair, the cosmetic industry found the perfect solutions for treating it. Indeed, as in the case of body hair removal it is essential to find the one that best fits our preferences. Waxing, threading and bleaching are only some of the best known methods to get rid of facial hair. Some with more or less pain will efficiently eliminate the undesired hair patches from our face and body.

Depending on our natural hair color, upper lip hair can be either lighter or darker. Those who have dark brown or black hair might find it uncomfortable to come to terms with these tiny darker strands. Instead, they opt for a hair removal method that in a few minutes will spare them of these. Let’s see some of the basic tips on how to remove upper lip hair.


Waxing is one of the most sought-after hair removal methods in the industry. One of its greatest advantages is that you can have the waxing strips in all sizes.

There are some designed for the legs, arms and even upper lips. Opt for these types since upper lips waxing strips were designed specially to eliminate short and less bristle hair.

These would not only save you from the unappealing hair patches but will also reduce the measure of trauma to the skin. First of all cleanse the critical area so that all the dead cells and dry skin residues are gone.

Tap the area in order to eliminate any sebum excess from the clean surface. Warm the waxing strip holding it in your hands for a couple of minutes. Then place it on your upper lips, secure its perfect application with your fingers.

Leave it on only for 5 seconds, then remove it with one move. It is important to proceed in the opposite direction with the growth of the hair. Due to their resistant formula, these strips can be re-used until the hair is completely removed. Make sure you moisturize the affected area in order to avoid any irritation.


Plucking your upper lip hair might not be a painless ritual, however it seems that this is the cheapest method to get rid of it. This technique works best if you have lighter and less hair on this area. More, you should also think about the time that should be spent with it.

However, those who are reluctant to wax, razor or thread their upper lip hair might think of tweezing as the best method.

In fact you have to proceed the exact way as you do with your eyebrows. Make sure you spared the area from dead cells and any makeup then start plucking right at the roots for an easier removal.

Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams are some of the most painless methods to remove unwanted facial hair. Indeed, the process is done similarly to a basic skin conditioning ritual.

However, it seems that the majority opt for a more drastic technique since these cosmetics might not guarantee the same effect of plucking or waxing.

These chemical-based creams manage to attach the hair follicles at the base. Damaging the keratin of these will lead to an easier removal of the hair. Exercising their effect on the roots, depilatory creams eliminate the hair quickly and visibly. The process is the following: wet your upper lips a bit then apply the products.

Read the instructions carefully and leave it on until it is indicated. Finally, rinse it off with a wet cloth until the area is completely clean of the cream. You can repeat this trick when the hair grows, it won’t affect your skin and it won’t cause the irritation shaving would.