Facial hair is not only a problem men have to deal with, it is a problem some women are faced to as well. Facial hair makes women feel uncomfortable and can even make more emotional women become shy and embarrassed.

Women’s facial hair should not be removed with the help of a razor. Razors will only eliminate your problem temporarily and will actually make the facial hair appear thicker and darker since it will only remove it from the skin’s surface. The hair will grow back relatively quickly, so avoid removing your facial hair with a razor if you’re a woman.

In order to remove the hair temporary or permanently try other more efficient ways of hair removal like:

Plucking your hairs out with the help of a good pair of tweezers. By plucking the hair out you will remove the hair from the root, making the growth process longer. The hair will grow back but it will take a few weeks before you will need to start plucking again

Waxing is a great and easy way to remove unwanted facial hair. The sticky wax will attach itself to the hairs and once the wax is pulled off, it will remove all the unwanted hairs.

The hairs will be removed from the root and they will all come off quickly making the whole hair removal process very easy. It will take about 1 month for the hairs to grow back, until they can be waxed again. This is a temporary cheap solution preferred by most women who cannot afford a permanent solution

IPL hair removal is a relatively new permanent hair removal method which uses intense pulsed light to destroy the hairs’ follicular. The intense pulsed light will cause damage to the hair, thus preventing it from regenerating. This is a permanent, painless hair removal solution which might need a few sessions before the hair is completely removed

Laser is also a permanent hair removal solution. The hair laser will destroy the hairs’ follicles, thus preventing the hair from growing back. To remove the hair completely and permanently several laser treatment sessions might be required

The temporary solutions for facial hair removal are less expensive than the permanent ones so choose a hair removal method which you can afford best.