You want to follow the new trend and crave for bushy and thick eyebrows or an unfortunate accident happened and you spoiled your eyebrows? The point is to grow back hair as soon as possible. This tiny ‘accessory’ can equally dress up/down our image.

The average period for a complete regrowth is ranging from 6 to 8 weeks. Some might find it an eternity however there are some special remedies to stimulate this process.

Find out more about these useful treatments on how to grow out eyebrows.

It’s not a novelty that massaging is great for boosting both facial and hair in general. The best way to do this is to grab a fine eyebrow brush and massage it right in the direction of the growth. Make circular movements as you head towards the side of your face. Repeat this trick at least 2 a day keep on until you’ll see the results.

There are certain vitamins that can enhance the regrowth of hair. Try taking Vitamin C, A, B3 and last but not least E. These nutrients will stimulate the recovery, due to their ability to increase the protein in our organism.

grow out eyebrows

In fact hair is made up completely of protein, that’s why these vitamins can do miracles for our ultra-thin and scarce eyebrows.

Olive oil is a natural ingredient used for different beauty treatments. It is available in every store that’s why those who would like to quicken the hair growth process use it with confidence.

Indeed it is enough to apply a tiny drop of olive oil exactly to the spot where you would like the hair to grow. Massage it into the skin with a gentle brush to further boost the growth.

Embed this tiny treatment into your daily skin care practice, do it every night, then rinse it off with tepid water. In a few weeks you should see the freshly blooming eyebrow.

Castor Oil is more efficient than simple olive oil. Besides thickening your eyelashes you can use it both to regrow eyebrows. The greatest advantage if this ingredient lies in the fact that it has a double effect, it can not only enhance the growth but also strengthen the hair.

Apply it repeatedly only to the affected area, be careful if you use it carelessly without taking account a certain order you might face some unwanted hair on undesired areas. No joke!

Vaseline can be also included in the category of growth boosters. Learn how to grow refined and strong eyebrows by applying it to the desired spot. Indeed this trick is used not only by those who over-plucked their eyebrows but also by people who flirt with a new style.

Proceed similarly to olive oil, apply some to a cotton ball then rub the area with Vaseline. The faster and uniform growth will help you in choosing the right eyebrow design and shape. Later on you’ll be able to perfect your eyebrows.