Mastering your skills in hair removal techniques can be very helpful if you spot a few hair strands on critical spots. Men often face the presence of hair on the belly, however it seems that there are also ladies who due to hormonal or other factors might have a few hairs right under the bellybutton or upwards on a smaller section. However, there’s no need to panic when there are several methods that can banish the unpleasant look.

Homemade hair removal techniques proved to be just as efficient as cosmetic ones. There’s no need to contact a beauty salon to spare us from these tiny hair strands. Instead, it’s time to grab our DIY hair removal kit and do the job on our own. Follow the instructions and read through these methods on how to get rid of stomach hair.


Bleaching can be an efficient method to not exactly get rid of stomach hair but to mask it. There are several tricks and natural homemade hair bleaching methods that can help you solve your problem. Organic methods proved to be just as efficient as the chemical ones, however these need a longer period to exercise their effect.

Those who think that hair might grow back stronger after removing it should opt for the lightening techniques that lighten hair this way enhancing its blending into the natural skin tone.

If you decide to purchase a chemical bleaching kit, make sure you use rubber gloves and carefully follow the basic instructions for a safe and guaranteed effect.


Fans of waxing might use the same method for eliminating stomach hair that they use for the removal of hair from other body parts. Waxing is indeed a rather painful procedure however it promises a long-lasting effect.

The wax will help you get rid of the undesired hair and will also leave the skin smooth and soft. You can use either the sugaring method or the traditional drugstore kits that will work just as fabulously.

You should also take into account one condition, in order to be removed properly, the hair must be at least a quarter of an inch long. Reduce waxing pains with the well-known tricks and enjoy the sight of a plain and silky skin.

Depilatory Creams

For a painless experience experiment with the latest depilatories on the market. Due to their modern and complex formula these have the ability to dissolve the strands and will remove them from the roots. Apply the cosmetic on the affected area; leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off by rubbing the hair. This is the basic procedure that should be followed with precision. Indeed, this method is popular still won’t offer the same lasting effect as waxing does.


In this case the hair might not be as dense or strong as it is on the frequently treated areas. That’s why the perfect tweezerwill be the ideal tool to pluck the sparse patches.

There’s no need to waste time and money on buying complex hair removal tools, instead eliminate the hair with the use of this beauty tool. Wipe the area with an anti-inflammatory solution or an ice cube to minimize the pain.