If you don’t have the necessary time and money to book a salon appointment, you can give a beautiful shape to your eyebrows at home. Just check out our great tips on how to shape your eyebrows yourself.

How to Shape My Eyebrows: Determine the Starting Point

The very first step in how to shape your own eyebrows is determining the starting point of each of them. All you have to do is flip the tweezers upside down (its open end should be pointing downward), then place it vertically along the bottom of your nose’s outer edge. That point where the vertex lands is the place where your eyebrow begins. Afterwards, take an eye pencil and start drawing a vertical line in order to delimit where each brow starts. If you want to learn how to shape your eyebrows at home, you should focus on making sure that your nose’s bridge is well centered between the eyebrows.

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How to Shape Eyebrows with Tweezers: Determine the Peak of Your Arch

Another important step in how to shape eyebrows is determining the peak of your arch. In order to do so, we recommend looking straight ahead. Visualize an imaginary line going from the tip of your nose, intersects with the iris and hits the eyebrow. The place where the line is intersecting your eyebrow is your arch’s peak. That’s the point where your arch should start and we recommend marking it with the eyebrow pencil. You should repeat the action for the other eye and you’ll be one step closer to knowing how to shape eyebrows with tweezers.

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How to Shape Eyebrows: Determine the Ending Point

If you want to know how to shape your own eyebrows correctly, you shouldn’t forget about their ending point. In order to delimit it, you should angle the imaginary line (you can also use the tweezers) so that it touches your nose’s and eye’s outer edges. This action will show the ending point of your eyebrow. We recommend marking this point with an eyebrow pencil and start repeating the same procedure with your other eye. From now on, you’ll know how to shape your eyebrows yourself!

Perfectly Shaped Eyebrow

How to Shape Eyebrows: Find out Your Eyebrows’ Thickness

Determining your eyebrow’s thickness is very important in the whole how-to-shape-eyebrows process. So, we’d suggest starting below your brow’s fullest part, take an eye pencil and start drawing a line along the bottom of the brow. This line should be placed above some stray hairs and you can start plucking the extra ones in order to get the best result in managing to shape eyebrows at home. Also, you should pluck just a little above your brow if you want to go for a natural look.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows: Always Keep in Mind Your Face Shape

It’s very important to know how to keep a great balance between your eyebrows and your face shape and knowing how to shape your eyebrows yourself correctly can be a great help in masking a round face or a square one. For example, specialists suggest directing your brow’s outer third towards your ear’s top if you want to reduce your round face curve. Plus, if you have a long face, you should keep the brows straight above the ears.

How to Shape Thick Eyebrows: Trimming

Some brow specialists suggest that trimming is better than plucking if you want to achieve a cleaner and more natural look. All you have to do is buy a brow brush and start brushing the hairs upward. Then, take a eyebrow trimmer (you can use small scissors) and cut the hairs that are longer than your natural hair line. At the end of the day, you’ll know how to shape your own eyebrows like a pro and you’ll look amazing. Your eyes will look bigger and your budget intact!

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